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Casper Smart Wants to Be A Daddy!

A photo of Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez

There comes a time in a young man’s life when he has to decide what path he wants to take. Maybe he’ll decide to focus on his career and throw everything he has into it. Maybe he’ll decide that he wants to lead a life full of leisure. Or maybe he’ll decide that what will truly give his life meaning is having children. It’s like aspirations in the Sims – there’s just something that matters more to you than everything else.

It seems like Casper Smart, Jennifer Lopez‘s little baby boyfriend, has found his calling in life. Hint: it involves having sex and making bank.

From the National Enquirer:

CASPER SMART? YOU *BETCHA*!! It’s an open secret among his pals that 43-year-old JENNIFER LOPEZ’s private dancer, 25-year-old CASPER SMART, is desperate to get his superstar galpal pregnant, knowing a child would secure his place in her life forever – and now the deed’s about to get did!

“Casper’s been pushing the baby subject for months, and got real specific when he told her that the only Christmas present he wanted from her was to agree to have his baby,” said one of the dancer-choreographer’s closest friends.

“It now looks like he’ll get his wish because Jennifer’s finally agreed to do her best to get pregnant early in the New Year!”

Oh, yes. Casper Smart would. “The only thing I want for Christmas is for you to have my baby, baby,” he’d tell her sweetly, not mentioning that he’s been stealing money out of her purse for the past year, so that was a pretty sweet present too. And then she’d start doing a weird noisy flail where she tried to go “awww!” but kind of started crying, and he’d think “god, she’s so ugly when she cries,” and then she’d hug him and he’d unclasp her necklace to sell on the street. Just another hustle at the Lopez manor.

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  • Surely, she’s not that stupid. True, she’s got zero taste in men, but could anybody be so gone on that little steroid monkey man that she couldn’t see what he was up to?

  • Mind your business. Stop judging Stop hating. You’re jealous that’s all. If she is with him anything can happen anytime. Dou you know their real life? He can’t afford for Jlo’s baby cause she is rich but another woman in his size he can. Stop disrespecting someone you don’t know. Do you the future? He’s not monkey. He looks great.

  • I know who Casper Smart looks like now!! He looks like Mini Me!! There was a picture of Mini Me at the bottom of the page and it just struck me!!