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Casper Smart swears he didn’t cheat on Jennifer Lopez

casper smart

Remember how Casper Smart apparently cheated on Jennifer Lopez with that transsexual model before JLo dropped his ass like a bad habit? And then apparently he got offered the opportunity to be in a porn with said transsexual model for a hefty sum? Well, look, Casper wants you to know he’s been completely misrepresented and he never cheated on Jen with ANYBODY!

From TMZ:

As TMZ first reported, JLo and Smart split up a few months back … and it had nothing to do with Smart’s alleged sexcapades.

But Smart is pissed that claimed he had flings with two transsexuals he met on Instagram … so his lawyer has fired off a letter to the site’s founder, Nik Richie, denying he’s ever met, kissed or had sexual relations with either of the transsexuals in question.

Smart says he didn’t send them dirty pics and flat out denies cheating on Jennifer.

Smart has given the site an ultimatum — either retract the story or get sued.

Smart’s lawyer also sent threatening letters to the two transsexuals … imploring them to sign declarations saying they never met Smart.

TMZ reached out to Richie for a response … and here’s the part we can post: “Casper, go get a real job. I heard Instagram is hiring over in their compliance department … Stop blaming everyone else for your problems.”

First of all, you know this bro ain’t even mad that his cheating was revealed, but rather his proclivity for transsexuals, which, get a life, bro. Like who you like – lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals… why the fuck does it matter? Own it. Second of all, the only reason he wants to sue is because JLo cut baby’s allowance off and like Richie said, this idiot needs to get a REAL job.

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