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Jennifer Lopez’s Man-Child Says She’s Going Back To American Idol

jennifer lopez

Jennifer Lopez is finally putting all those American Idol rumors to rest. Or, actually, no, she’s not. It’s boyfriend Casper Smart who’s doing that for her. He may have said something he shouldn’t have. From TMZ:

Jennifer Lopez must sure think Casper Smart is cute, because upstairs there’s a vacancy — he just ruined her big announcement that she’s returning to “American Idol.”

Smart was promoting his new show — yes, anyone can — when he was asked if his GF was coming back to the struggling show. He dug deep and said, “Yes.”

Apparently Casper thought the cat was already out of the bag.

Whoooooops. Keith Urban is also returning. We know this because he got to announce it on Twitter and he did and it was the best day of his life.

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  • People didn’t stop watching because the judges changed they stopped because the show is over nobody gives a shit the winner rarely become a huge stars after the show. Also I think ppl are sick of the judges getting 10-20 mil. to sit and whine about who does and doesn’t have talent in their eyes f##k em !!