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Ryan Seacrest And Jennifer Lopez Had A Super Secret Meeting

Jennifer Lopez "Chime For Change: The Sound Of Change Live" Concert

American Idol is going through some major changes. Some of these changes include getting rid of pretty much everyone and getting new judges. Jennifer Hudson is a rumored choice, but the producers may be going back to an old favorite…Jennifer Lopez. How else to explain this ~~super secret~~ meeting between Ryan Seacrest and JLo?

RadarOnline has an exclusive:

Jennifer Lopez  and Ryan Seacrest held what was supposed to be a top-secret meeting on Friday, is exclusively reporting.

The pair met up at an industry office building in Beverly Hills, an eyewitness tells us.

“J.Lo was driven there by her regular driver.  Ryan arrived simultaneously, and didn’t look happy to have been spotted,” the source says.

As  has been exclusively reporting, Lopez is in discussions to return to the American Idol  judges desk next season.

Her meeting with Seacrest may mean negotiations have reached the next level.

Psh, “supposed to be a top-secret meeting” and “[Ryan] didn’t look happy to have been spotted” my ass. These bitches know what they’re doing.

I’m pretty sure though that getting the two Idol Jennifers onboard isn’t going to do much for their dying ratings. Maybe get Aniston in there. Do an all-Jennifer panel. Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Coolidge, Jennifer Tilly, Jennifer Connelly, Jennifer Esposito, Jennifer Grey, Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Morrison…but NOT Ginnifer Goodwin. She doesn’t count. She is a traitor to all Jennifers.

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