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Is Jennifer Hudson Headed to ‘American Idol’?

jennifer hudson

Rumour on the street is that Jennifer Hudson may be heading to American Idol next season to replace either Nicki Minaj or Mariah Carey. Which one doesn’t matter since both of them are probably getting the boot, but whatever. If you remember, Jennifer came in 8th place or something a few seasons back and has gone on to star in and get an Oscar for Dreamgirls and lose a lot of weight. She also had a few good tracks – ‘Spotlight’ was my shit back in the day, to be honest – but generally, that’s about all she’s notable for in my mind.

From Vulture:

Well, that was fast: Barely a day after Vulture broke the news that Fox was mulling an all-alumni panel of judges for American Idol, with Jennifer Hudson among the names being discussed, there may already be some movement on that front. There’s buzz around Hollywood that Hudson and Fox may have already started talks about her joining the show; one source tells us the deal is essentially “done.” As always, Fox won’t comment. And buzz even from people familiar with the situation does not always lead to deals, as we noted yesterday. But the idea of Idol alumni as judges may not be a dream after all.

If we’re going for an all-alumni panel, why not bring back Carrie Underwood (if she would even lower herself down onto this sinking ship at this point, that is)? The best they’ll probably get is like, Ace Young or Alison Iraheta. Yes, I’m a sicko and I know these people’s names. WHATEVER.

Anyway, producers better make sure JHud’s cup is filled with DIET Coke. Don’t make homegirl lose her Weight Watchers endorsement deal, now.