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Jennifer Lopez Bought Casper Smart A New Toy

jennifer lopez casper smart

Okay, here’s what I don’t get. Jennifer Lopez is hot as hell, she’s rich, she’s… moderately talented (???) and could likely have any man she wants. So why the hell does she keep getting with these scrubs? Marc Anthony was one, and now Casper Smart? Just when she thought she’d freed herself from the man-child, they got back together and now they’re walking around having a grand old time, Jennifer acting like a normal person, Casper on his shiny little toy hoverboard/fake Segway?

I really don’t get this coupling at all. Anyone care to explain? I literally have nothing else to say here and don’t understand how JLo justifies this to herself every morning.

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  • I’m gonna go ahead and have to complete agree with your evaluation of Ms. Lopez.

    Some theories:

    A) He’s got a big wenis?
    B) He doesn’t talk back?
    C) He takes out the garbage?

    Work with me here…

  • Be patient Bennifer 1.0 is about to return very soon. Casper’s collecting his bounties.

  • Maybe it’s because who she dates matters to no one but herself? She can love whoever she wants, what the hell?? To only go for or date/marry men who are successful or financially well off is totally vain and f*cked up.

    Some people follow their hearts. Some people date guys who are broke because they just get along and have fun together and fall in love. You sound shallow as hell. Just because she’s a superstar doesn’t mean she cant also follow her heart. What a strange, stuck up, snotty thing to write about her relationships.

    I don’t even like the chick she seems like an asshole. I hate pop music and trendy garbage.. Yet even I can answer this question for you. People love who they fall in love with and I think it makes her more human and down to earth to allow men who you might not approve of into her life because at the end of the day it’s all about her being happy and that is that.

  • let me help you out here.
    he is young, he is hot.
    do you also ask those questions when an old guy is with a young chick? no? thought so.