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Ariana Grande Is Sorry For Licking Donuts & Saying She Hates America

ariana grande

Ariana Grande has always been known by pretty much anyone who’s ever encountered her as a major bitch, and it seems like she’s on a mission to prove that right at every available opportunity. You may have heard that Ariana and her new boyfriend went to a donut shop where she decided to LICK THE MERCHANDISE, spit on it, and fat shame everyone, saying that she hates Americans and America, leading me to think, “Well, fuck off, then!”

The owner of the donut shop, called Wolfee Donuts (that’s the shop name, not the manager’s name, har har), confirmed that Ariana did indeed spit on the donuts and released a surveillance video showing the crime, which is nasty as hell. What on god’s green earth is wrong with Ariana Grande? This triflin’ little midget needs to get out of America’s face, immediately.

Of course, the incident led to her being ousted from the MLB All-Star Game and replaced by Demi Lovato, and it also led to Ariana being forced to issue a feeble ass apology:

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  • How hard is it to put the donuts in the case while taking a customer’s order?

    Not that spitting on the donuts is acceptable, but they still should not have been exposed on the counter.

  • Meh she’s still a teenager in that doing dumb shit phase, but add fame to that and we got a spoiled brat