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Jennifer Lopez Is A Great Girlfriend, Gives Her Little Boyfriend $10,000 A Week

A photo of Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart

Man, wouldn’t it be great to date Jennifer Lopez? She’s gorgeous, she’s super funny, she’d take you to McDonald’s! But you know what the sweetest part would be? She would give you 10,000 dollars every single week. We know that because that’s what she’s doing now with her baby boyfriend, Casper Smart.

From Star via Jezebel:

Jennifer Lopez has a kept man! She hated having to whip out her credit card every time she went to dinner with 24-year-old dancer Casper Smart, and it “bummed her out” that Casper had to borrow money from her to buy her a Christmas present. So Jenny from The Block started giving the kid an allowance a “stipend” of $10,000 a week. According to a source, “She thought $10K was a nice round number.” Apparently Casper is “learning to live like a star,” flying on private jets and staying in luxury hotels. Now that he’s getting paid, “Jen is hoping Casper won’t think twice about buying presents for her kids of whisking her off for a surprise weekend getaway,” the source spills. “She can take care of herself just fine, but she’s old-fashioned when it comes to wanting the man to take charge.”

Oh, Jenny, sister, you’ve got it wrong. See, if you want the finer things in life, and you have the money to buy them, then that’s fine. Go for it, go wild, live your dreams, spend that money you earned. But if you give your boyfriend money to buy you things with, that’s not him “taking charge.” That’s you taking charge even more than you were before. Do you get what I’m saying? You’re not fooling anybody with this, and if your backup dancer boy gets you a fancy present, we all know how he paid for it.

And girl, it’s ok for the woman to pay. It really is! Especially if she’s paying for the things that she’s accustomed to and the things that she wants. Don’t play into these tired gender roles, ok? Own this, J Lo! You were born for this!

Oh my gosh, you guys. I just realized something. Jennifer’s boyfriend is probably just using her for money, isn’t he? He probably doesn’t even care about her feelings, and she’s just shelling out a good amount of money to keep this young man around, huh? Well, don’t I just feel silly now …

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  • Live for the moment, forget and hate the past. She burns all bridges she crosses and digs deeper streams.. wonders why she can’t go back or get much further ahead of her dumb defeated selfishness.. There are so many of her kind out there destroying the landscape

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