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Jennifer Lopez: “I’m His Girlfriend, Not His Mother!”

A photo of Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart

Jennifer Lopez is 18 years older than her little baby boyfriend, Casper Smart. The heart wants what it wants though, I’m not going to judge that, but there’s no denying that the age difference is notable, right? By just looking at them? And of course Jennifer is a smokin’ hot lady, but little Casper looks even younger than 24, doesn’t he? Like, if it came out that he was actually a 17-year-old with a fake ID and a desperate need to dance in backgrounds, I’d believe it. But hey, I never really did get Jennifer Lopez’s taste in men. You know what I did get though? A horrendous case of the giggles when I read this story about everybody thinking J.Lo is little Casper’s mama.

From the National Enquirer via Celebitchy:

“I’m his girlfriend — not his mother!”

That’s what an irate Jennifer Lopez spat after the hot-blooded “American Idol” judge, 42, was mistaken for being the mama of her 24-year-old toyboy Casper Smart! The curvy diva is disgusted with strangers assuming she is Casper’s mother and it’s affecting her ego, sources say.

“Jennifer is tired of people making comments,” divulged a source close to the Latina bombshell, who is separated from her husband of seven years, salsa singer Marc Anthony. “She doesn’t know what’s worse — being mistaken for Casper’s mother or accused of being a cradle-robbing cougar!”

At 18 years Casper’s senior, the booty-ful star is technically old enough to be his mother. “But it kills Jennifer every time the age difference is brought to her attention,” noted an insider.

“The two of them stopped in a McDonald’s recently, and Jennifer was mortified when the cashier asked Casper if he wanted to have his mother’s order added to his or if they were going to pay separately. Jennifer shouted: “I’m his girlfriend — not his mother!” And then she grabbed Casper’s arm and marched out in a huff, the insider said. Added another source: “The cashier’s comment really bruised her ego.”

Now sources say that when J.Lo goes out with her tattooed toyboy, the image-conscious entertainer wears very little makeup and run-of-the-mill outfits so she doesn’t draw attention to the two of them. But she just can’t disguise the age difference. And during another outing, Jennifer blew up when a bartender asked to see Casper’s ID but not hers, the insider divulged.

“Jennifer just doesn’t think she looks that much older than Casper and took huge offense when the bartender carded Casper and not her,” the source said. “Jennifer enjoys spending time with Casper, but her ego is taking a solid beating. Friends predict the nonstop comments from strangers are the beginning of the end for the couple.”

Man, between this and Whoopi’s farts, I am really bringing the laughs today, huh? Oh, and just for another quick giggle, let’s take a poll:

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  • Sic Angie Dickerson to speak on her.. so delusional, she can’t be a star if she keeps putting down the bar of excellence she claims she wants to achieve and Mark was holding her back, wanting her sexy, but acting like a lady.. NO! she must expose herself and it’s all about her renewed revival into a young ingenue,.. this incestuous mom-omance with Casper is absurd to anyone.. Jennifer he makes your body look thick.. from late in life birthing babies, gone is flexible a dancer moves.. you are desperate and like a granny, zoom to sixty.. ha ha..

  • It is true!

    THIS broad is old enough to be MY mother (in fact my mom is ONE year YOUNGER). I would not like to see my mother doing a guy that could be my brother!

  • She’s got oddball taste in men. She likes ’em unattractive. WTF? B.A. was a fluke of good judgment. He knew he wasn’t gonna be happy with her and I think the stripper scandal was strategic on his part.

  • Have to say, as a waitress, there is some definite awkward times when asking for ID. The kid is early to mid 20’s and looks less than that, the attendee is 30 plus – male or female it doesn’t matter – the worst is when there are 3 to 4 30- plus at the table and only one kid – some people – especially men – get offended when you card them and they’re obviously old enough. So what do you do? Ask the kid for sure and then card the whole table who are clearly older than old? Card only the kid you know is almost too young to be there? Scientifically that’s the exact thing to do. Ok, so you card that one kid, your job depends on it, and then awkwardly card everyone who’s clearly older than you, even though the grizzled 30 year old is the last person you’d card? It’s tough. Have definitely pissed off many a person, fore or aft. If you’re 42, sweet shit, you look good, but clearly you’re not 18. Or 20 depending on where you live. (Full time waitress diatribe.)

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