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Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony got married again!

marc anthony shannon de lima

Marc Anthony has been dating model Shannon de Lima for about two years now, and two failed marriages under his belt didn’t seem to deter him from wanting to tie the knot again, because they’re now married!

Marc and Shannon held a small ceremony in front of close friends and family in La Romana, Dominican Republic on Tuesday, according to the Associated Press.

Apparently Marc has always been a bit of a hopeless romantic and believes he needs a “witness” to all his success and fame, because coming home to an empty house with no one to brag to isn’t very fun. At least, that’s what I’m getting out of an interview he did with Wendy Williams on the subject.

Well, we’ll see how long this one lasts! Mazel, and all that. Jennifer, put down that phone. Don’t be calling Casper in your hour of desperation.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are officially divorced

jennifer lopez marc anthony

Nearly three years after announcing their decision to end their marriage, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are finally officially divorced. The paperwork was completed Monday and now they’re both single in the eyes of the law. Their relationship may seem like ancient history now, but they do have twins together and incidentally, their divorce paperwork included an important clause relating to the raising of their kids.

From TMZ:

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are finally officially single, but there are strings attached … they are both prohibited from making their kids public spectacles in front of the paparazzi.

The divorce — 2 years in the making — became official Monday.  The former couple agreed to use their “best efforts” to avoid unwanted publicity when it comes to 6-year-old twins Emme and Max.  The document makes it clear … it’s in the best interest of the kids to shield them from “aggressive news organizations and photographers.”

JLO gets primary custody and Marc gets the kiddies 7 days a month.  But get this … when Mark has the kids, the nannies must be present.

Translation:  Mommy gets reports on Daddy.

Not surprisingly … neither ex gets spousal or child support.

And there’s a bonus for the kids  … Marc and JLo each get to take the kids trick-or-treating separately  … which means the lucky twins will be doubling up on full size candy bars.

Oh damn, Jennifer doesn’t trust him with their kids? Wonder what’s going on there! In any case, smart move keeping Max and Emme away from the paparazzi and not using them for even more publicity. The last thing we need is more of that bullshit. They’ve handled the whole thing very maturely which, in Hollywood, is a real rarity.

Marc Anthony doesn’t want to spoil his kids by paying more child support

marc anthony dayanara torres

Marc Anthony fathered two sons with his ex-wife Dayanara Torres (they split in 2004), but he’s not too pleased about her recent demand that he up the amount of child support he pays for them. He currently pays $13,000 a month, but she wants him to tack an extra digit on to that number and make it $113k so that the kids aren’t “living in poverty” when they’re home with her.

From TMZ:

Dayanara says she wants the ability to fly her and the kids on private jets, to travel around the world and stay in 5-star hotels.

In legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Marc says he’s saving Dayanara from herself by refusing to up the child support.  He claims,  the boys already have everything they need and the increase would “spoil them rotten.”

Marc scoffs at Dayanara’s plea for money so she can have a full staff, including a cook and a nanny.  Marc says when he has the kids in L.A., “I cook or we order in.  We often get Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut or Chinese food.”

And get this.  Marc hired a psychologist who wrote a declaration to the judge, discussing, “the problems of children who are raised with near unlimited funds, particularly children in Los
Angeles whose parents have made very large amounts of money in the entertainment industry.”

The shrink says these kids — especially in adolescent and teenage years — “become high-risk for illicit drugs, alcohol and a fast-paced lifestyle that they are not emotionally capable of handling.”

Damn, he REALLY doesn’t want to shell out that money. To be fair, I think he has a point. However, I bet he doesn’t follow that line of thought for his two kids with Jennifer Lopez. Granted, they’re both rich so she’s not going to be asking him for more money (especially considering she has more than he does), but it just seems… kinda messed up. One, on his ex-wife’s gall to even ask for such a ludicrous amount of money and two, that he’s going so hard to fight it with such a flimsy excuse. Just tell homegirl to stop being so greedy and call a spade a spade there.

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Marc Anthony Must Have Read Jennifer Lopez’s Book…

marc anthony chloe green

Marc Anthony must have got an advance copy of ex-wife Jennifer Lopez‘s upcoming memoir, True Love, in which she says she still loves him, because just as soon as that news linked, suddenly he and his girlfriend of a year, Chloe Green, are dunzo.

Chloe is the 22-year-old heiress to Top Shop (and former The Only Way Is Essex cast member) and Marc is 45, so age may or may not have had to do with things here. I personally like ‘em a little older myself, but then again, it’s Marc Anthony, and at no age is he acceptable. (I kid! But not really.)

Here’s what “a source” (i.e. an intern) told US Weekly:

“They are taking a break,” an insider tells Us of the split. “It is because of busy schedules.”

LOL, “busy schedules”, I’m sure. So what’s the deal here? Did it really just fizzle out? Is Marc holding out for some JLo love? Does anyone care? These are the big questions of the day.

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Jennifer Lopez Still Loves Marc Anthony

jennifer lopez marc anthony

Cover your ears, baby Casper, cos Mama Jennifer is going to say something you won’t like, which is that she still loves Marc Anthony. Does she go to bed every night dreaming of his smooth Latin dance moves and his extremely rat-like face? Not likely, but they do have two kids together and their split was amicable, so of course it makes sense that they will always love each other, just not romantically.

Apparently she’ll talk about their marriage in her upcoming book, True Love, but in the meantime, here’s what she told Glamour:

“I do. I love him as the father of my children and as my friend. That doesn’t mean that we were meant to be in a marriage forever though.

“He knows he’s in [the book] and he’s very curious, but he’s a big supporter of mine. He’s my biggest fan and I’m his.”

Well, that’s great – and I’m sure it’s great for their kids, too. Nothing worse than two parents who have split up but are still at each other’s throats/being awful to each other. That’s the mature, adult way to handle it.

I like Jennifer Lopez. She’s a hot mess and clearly has some shit to work through, but I think she’s got a solid head on her shoulders and has worked damn hard to be where she is, so I’m a “fan” – and by fan I mean I don’t hate her.

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Marc Anthony Just Filed for Divorce from Jennifer Lopez … But Why?

A photo of Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez

That seems really weird, right? All the way back in July of last year, Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez made a joint statement that said “we have decided to end our marriage.” It wasn’t a statement of “we’re having a rough time in our relationship, so please give us some privacy,” it was a statement of “yeah, this is over.” I assumed that papers were filed soon after, if not before, that statement, and that we just never heard anything about the marriage being officially, legally over because why bother? But nope, just a few days ago, Marc filed for divorce.

Why did it take so long? Were they fighting over the terms of the divorce? No, they’ve been getting along way too well for that. Were they just being lazy? I don’t know about Marc, but I know that Jennifer Lopez is certainly not lazy. Were they hoping to work things out? Well … halfway.

From TMZ:

Marc Anthony held out hope for a reconciliation with Jennifer Lopez, but decided to file for divorce when she told him … she’s madly in love with BF Casper Smart … TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story … Marc filed for divorce Monday — nine months after the couple announced they were splitting.

But sources extremely close to Marc tell us, he didn’t make the decision on his own — he had a heart-to-heart with J.Lo a few weeks back to see if she really, truly wanted to end the marriage.

We’re told he said he wanted to give the marriage another try, but Jennifer confessed … she was deeply in love with Casper … and wanted to pursue that relationship.

We’re told Marc was blindsided … he had not idea things were so serious — and he was hurt.

So that’s why Marc filed divorce papers this week.

That’s got to sting a little, right? When your wife chooses her little baby boyfriend, the guy she has to give an allowance to and who she got to call your kids “daddy.” I’m not saying that Jennifer has an obligation to go back to a marriage that she clearly wasn’t happy with, but … really? It just blows my mind that she’d pick Casper over anybody.

But who knows, maybe I’m in the minority here. Maybe I’m part of a tiny little group of people who don’t see what’s so great about Casper Smart. But then again, I really don’t see what’s so awesome about Marc Anthony either. So I guess what I’m saying here is wow, Jennifer Lopez, way to pick ‘em!

But what do you guys think?

Who would you choose?
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Marc Anthony Has A Little Girlfriend, Got A Tattoo for Her Already

A photo of Marc Anthony

It’s been about six months since we heard that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were getting a divorce. In the past couple of months, we’ve been telling you all about Jennifer and her new lover, but we’ve only briefly mentioned Marc’s! Mostly because Marc Anthony usually just creeps me the hell out and I don’t like to talk about him at all unless something he does really interests me, which, hey, has never happened before now because it’s Marc Anthony. But now is Marc’s time to shine, because he went and creeped me out enough to care. Congratulations, fella!

In a weird turn of events, Jennifer, 42, and Marc, 43, both have significant others that are 24 years old! Isn’t that cute? That’s probably why their marriage lasted as long as it did, and why they still get along now, because they both have so much in common like that. That’s probably why J Lo recently referred to the two of them as “very Sonny and Cher after the divorce.” Love it, you two!

Here’s another example of how alike Marc and Jennifer are: they’re both super, super into their brand new younger lovers (Jenny went public with little Casper around the first of December, while Marc and his lady, model Shannon De Lima, announced their love at the beginning of this month)! We all know about how J Lo showers her little man with attention (and money), but how does Marc do it?

With body art, of course!

Marc Anthony is making things permanent with his new 24-year-old hottie — by branding himself with a tattoo of the Statue of Liberty … a tribute to his GF and his new found “freedom.”

Sources close to the singer tell TMZ … Venezuelan model Shannon De Lima was with Marc when a spot-on replica of Lady Liberty was tatted inside his right wrist on New Year’s Eve in Miami. Marc’s 17-year-old daughter Ariana  was also front and center.

We’re told “Statue of Liberty” is Marc’s pet name for Shannon … because she “freed” him from his past. While he was at it — Marc and Ariana also got unspecified matching tats on their outer wrists.

Fun fact: A “Jennifer” tattoo used to be on Marc’s right wrist. Let freedom ring.

Whoa. Way to move fast, kids. Way to go crazy. That’s why you have to get tattoos removed in the first place, because you get all willy nilly about it and get some ink to represent your girlfriend when you’ve only been together for a month or two. Kids these days, am I right? Get off my lawn.

How do you guys feel about Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez these days? What about their matching 24-year-olds?