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Marc Anthony got married again!

marc anthony shannon de lima

Marc Anthony has been dating model Shannon de Lima for about two years now, and two failed marriages under his belt didn’t seem to deter him from wanting to tie the knot again, because they’re now married!

Marc and Shannon held a small ceremony in front of close friends and family in La Romana, Dominican Republic on Tuesday, according to the Associated Press.

Apparently Marc has always been a bit of a hopeless romantic and believes he needs a “witness” to all his success and fame, because coming home to an empty house with no one to brag to isn’t very fun. At least, that’s what I’m getting out of an interview he did with Wendy Williams on the subject.

Well, we’ll see how long this one lasts! Mazel, and all that. Jennifer, put down that phone. Don’t be calling Casper in your hour of desperation.

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