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Casper Smart: “Love and Be Happy!”

A photo of Casper Smart

Sure, Casper. “Love and be happy,” I bet that’s an easy thing to do when you’re shacked up with a hot older lady who takes you to McDonald’s and gives you $10,000 a week. Yep, you’re living the dream, Casper, and on some level, I’ve got to respect that. But on most other levels, you still seem like a pompous little asshole.

And this “age is just a number” nonsense you’re trying to sell on your Twitter? Ain’t nobody buying it, my friend.

Age, status, n opinions of others are irrelevant. Our hearts are endless and our souls infinite……….. To be continued

Our ages are mere reminders of the hours logged on this earth and the precious time remaining……… To be continued

We should all honor our time here by indulging our passion and dreams. So, close your ears and open your hearts; Love and be happy!

Jennifer Lopez retweeted all this, by the way, so I guess this is some united front about endless hearts and infinite souls. And trust me, you guys, normally I would be all about this kind of thing. I would be like “yeah, you’re right, my heart is endless, Casper!” But not this time.

This time, it’s weird and it creeps me out. Does it creep you out? Because yeah, to a certain extent, age is irrelevant, but when there’s an age difference of 20 years between you and your significant other, ages are more than “mere reminders of the hours logged on this earth.” It’s all about experiences. Jennifer Lopez’s career really got started back in 1991 on In Living Color, when Casper was around four years old. She’s recorded seven albums. She’s been nominated for two Grammys, she’s won two MTV Video Music Awards, and three American Music Awards. She’s been married three times. She has two children. Casper Smart … he’s a backup dancer. He’s 24 years old. He’s a 24-year-old that looks about 17. What could these two really have in common?

Just for funzies, here’s a couple more tweets from little Casper:

Its called #GOSSIP for a reason…..Don’t believe everything on the internet!!!

Oh, and just a few days after we got the news that J Lo gives him that $10,000 a week allowance, he tweeted “pic of me and my 1st toy,” along with this picture:

A photo of Casper Smart

And the very next day, he gave out this tweet, “Lil cold right now But heres Me and one of my other toys… Goin snowboarding next week!!”  Here’s the pic:

A photo of Casper Smart

So don’t believe everything you read on the internet, all right? But go ahead and believe that a backup dancer can suddenly afford fancy new jet skis and motorcycles. It’s totally more plausible than anything you’ll read here.

Are you guys as creeped out but also fascinated by this whole thing as I am?

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  • Djeeezzz, i applaud J-Lo for enyoing herself, life really is short. Old guys have been dating much younger girls since forever, why hate on women for doing the same? Emancipate yourself.

  • I agree, older men can do it, so why not women? Right, I get that, I do. The thing is, I don’t know a “younger man” who would be okay with that? Women grow up looking for the Pretty Woman experience where an older man will love her and take care of her. Men typically don’t want to have that happen to them. It’s very very unmanly. So I want to know why this guy is so proud of himself when he’s done nothing for himself?

  • It’s not so much an age thing. It’s a ‘kept man’ thing. It’s so undignified and there’s also something sad about about her finding/buying companionship the way she is.
    Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.
    It’s gross. The only thing that would make it okay is if she’s aware it’s gonna crash and burn.