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Some More Photos of Courtney Stodden in High School!

photo of courtney stodden in high school pics
You know, seeing these photos make me sad for Courtney Stodden. Really, really sad. She was this adorable (yes, sort of on the highway to Skanktown, but let’s look beyond that for a minute) girl who had her entire life ahead of her. She had friends and went to school and liked taking pictures of herself. She was exploring her budding sexuality like a normal teenage girl, and now look.

She’s married to a fifty-one year-old pervert, has left all of her age-appropriate friends behind, and will live the rest of her life as someone on the outside – never really accepted on the level she wants to be, and too much of a stigma to go back to where she was to start.

Christ. Is it too late for Courtney Stodden? Say, like, if she wanted to drop this whole weird situation, forget the reality show, lose the hooker boots, and go back to school? Go home? Would her old girlfriends take her back as their own? Would her fellow seniors accept her with open arms? Is it TOO LATE for this young girl to start over??

You suck, Doug Hutchison.

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  • Where was Chris Hansen and his “To Catch a Predator” team at when Doug was online!!!! Can someone please tell me?

  • Sarah, it’s too late! Every “sugar” needs a “daddy”, besides… The world needs bimbos too! She will get her redemption when she leaves his ass,writes a book, & goes on tour blaming him and her parents for ruining her childhood. Until then, enjoy the ride…shes gonna give this site tons of material!

  • wait, what girlfirends? i read that most people in her town hated her because she had an entitled attitude. so maybe you’ve got this backwards…she was an outcast and somewhat of a slut in her school that is why she wanted to get away. AND that is why she fell for the first guy that not only gave her some attention but also exposure (cause also she always wanted to be a STAAAAR!). i dont feel sorry for her, they are both geting something from it. live and let live

  • So I guess those boobies weren’t real after all…! I’m pretty sure she had things done to her face too, but still she’s recognizable.

  • Has anyone reported this whole situation to CPS? She’s a minor and she’s being exploited. I think they should step in!!

  • Britta, creepy as it is, she had her parents consent to marry. Ergo, CPS won’t get involved unless someone can prove that her parents sold her to that Nancy-boy bag of dicks she married.

  • I’m uneasy with labeling Doug a “pervert” and “predator”. They are both disgusting for sure but there is, for me, the question of agency. Courtney is clearly a product of her own calculated making and chooses to be hypersexualized in a desperate plea for fame lacking any other discernible talents. I haven’t seen anything that suggests Doug dresses her up like that or forced her to get the cosmetic work she denies. Even when an interviewer asks Doug a question she has to interrupt with an answer. Everything about her screams “LOOK AT ME! I AM SEXY”. I’m not trying to defend Doug and yes it is sad we live in a culture which teaches girls their value is related to how sexually desirable they are to men; this is Courtney’s only currency and one she clearly embraces and perpetuates at any opportunity. However, there is a big difference between this famewhore and say, 9, 10, 11 year old girls (or younger) that pedophiles turn into sexual objects. Doug is douchey but she entered into this relationship not only with free will but embracing the controversy to get attention. I think we need to be careful not to conflate this PR “relationship” with the real predators who prey on actual children; Courtney is incredibly immature but not a child. Child brides in poverty-stricken, developing countries, not to mention sex trafficking of girls in the US for fringe polygamist groups and into prostitution (San Francisco is a huge port of entry for human trafficking) is a much more problematic and overlooked issue IMHO. The fact that they so clearly looked into protecting themselves legally from any sort of child prostitution charges suggests that this is a calculated PR stunt as negative attention is better than no attention at all. But again, I don’t think he is a predator or pervert, just stupid with poor taste. I’ll bet she drops him at the slightest suggestion that a solo career might take off for her.

  • Agreed, Beetlover. If you wanna blame someone, blame her mom. From what I’ve seen, ole mommy dearest is fully and whole-heartedly supporting this insanity.