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Courtney Stodden Just Needs to Stop

photo of courtney stodden and doug hutchinson pictures photos sex pics
Remember how these two weirdos got their reality show? They did. And about that, now they’re shopping around for a network to pick it up. Naturally, they headed to MTV, home of Jersey Shore and Teen Mom fame. And really, what could be more appropriate? Maybe Courtney could even mentor these girls. Let the teen moms know that if they keep f*cking around, keep heading to the bars and beating the shit out of their gross boyfriends when they should be home raising their damn kids, that said kids might turn out to be like Courtney herself. But hey. I mean, maybe that’s exactly what they want – a slutty little cashcow so they can stop cashing welfare checks and start cashing royalty checks.

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    • I’ve noticed that! There were some beach “candids” where I was just like, my god, she has abs painted on. It has to be a deliberate application of spray tan (I guess? Her feet are always so pale).

      Tell us your beauty secrets, Courtney! Spill!

  • I completely agree she did not get implants but her boobs are STILL fake! I bet they are so sore at the end of the day with all that padding she uses and how much they’re pushed up. They are probably only a or b cups but for some reason people just don’t realize that. This girl is trying way too hard to be fake.

  • I think this might be the newest low EVER seen on t.v. or anywhere else! is she high all the time? seems so..anyone who pays this teenager to “perform” should be shot, or jailed, or both!
    and her parents must be deranged! him? old loser has been..jeez I could throw up in my mouth, a little, just looking at her!