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Love It or Leave It: Lady Gaga Looks Sensible?

A photo of Lady Gaga

I know, I know, what a crazy notion, that Lady Gaga actually has some some sort of sense. But with this outfit I think that she might. I think the shoes actually look a little all right, you know, like they don’t have penises on them and they don’t look like they might kill her at any given moment like her shoes usually do. And, uh, the dress isn’t made of flesh? I don’t know, have I said enough positive things yet?

I think I have, so it’s time to get real. Because I know that I’m sensitive about David Bowie, I’m well aware of that, but Gaga’s lack of eyebrows, or rather the makeup covering her eyebrows? Is that a blatant Bowie ripoff, or have I just missed all the musical artists throughout the years that have done such a thing? See, I’m ready to listen before I go off on a rant about how Lady Gaga needs to back up before she tries to come anywhere close to the magic of Bowie. So let’s help each other.

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  • Its sad that we think she looks sensible when she’s wearing bondage boots and her boob is all hanging out. She’s conditioned us well. No other person would be considered sensible in this outfit.

  • Well yes, she has said multiple times that David Bowie is her inspiration. During her The Fame period she would have a lightning bolt on her face, like that famous Bowie photo. You know, it is all cyclic, there is nothing that hasn’t been invented yet, it is just the same old ideas being renewed with a twist.

  • woah. Did you mention Bowie and Gaga in the same sentence?!? That right there is pure sacrilege.

  • By the way, those boots have crazy high platforms and heels. I keep waiting for her to fall…