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Some Hipsters Are Trying to Save The World in The Best Way

War Child, an organization that strives to protect children in war zones, has announced their newest fundraising project:  a David Bowie tribute album.  I cannot say with enough fervor the words “sign me the fuck up.”

The album, titled We Were So Turned On, is due to be released on October 11, and all profits go straight to War Child.  I’m not enough of a hipster to have heard of most of the artists – Warpaint,  Chairlift, I have no clue – on the album, but it looks like they’re mostly sticking to Bowie’s lesser known stuff (“Quicksand” and “Memory of a Free Festival” are on there!). I’ve actually only heard of one of the bands doing a cover, and that band is Duran Duran, who are doing “Boys Keep Swinging.”  Duran Duran, you guys. I don’t even understand this project a little bit.

“Memory of a Free Festival” as performed by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros is available for free download, and if that’s an example of what this album’s going to be like, then no really, sign me up.  I’d also like to, you know, help out some kids.

I’ll see you guys on October 11th!

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