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Lady Gaga Chats On Her Celly, Stands in Magical Shoes

Lady Gaga was featured in The Hedonist Issue of i-D Magazine and we’ve got the photos.

These pictures remind me of two things: 1) I used to describe myself as a hedonist in my Facebook “About Me” section in college because I’m pretty tragic, and 2) Lady Gaga can be so naturally pretty when she’s not acting like a complete freak.

And BTW, I still have no idea how those shoes even work, gravity-wise. Everything I’ve ever been taught about The Universe and science tells me that it should be physically impossible to stand in shoes like that, but I guess Gaga’s obsessed with unicorns for a reason. She’s magic!

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  • I frickin’ hate those “shoes.” I think it was “E” she was on the other day giving an interview, and they showed her walking . . . and when I say “walking,” I mean about the same way my grandma did after a knee replacement surgery and a 4 hour car ride. Yeah, that’s so HOT, Gramma R!

  • The best part about her shoes is when she wears a particularly ridiculous pair of shoes and falls on her ass in front of cameras.