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Love It or Leave It: Gaga’s Winter Sideboob and The Craziest Shoes Ever (EVER)

Lady Gaga stepping off a plane dressed in something outrageous is nothing new. In fact, it’s pretty much what we’ve grown to expect. Still, she somehow always manages to top herself, and the outfit she was wearing when she arrived in freezin’ cold Toronto yesterday is a perfect example. You guys? These shoes? How do they work? I think I know some things about the human body and gravity that tell me that it’s physically impossible to walk with just the heel of your foot on a platform.

Oh, and then there’s the fact that she’s not wearing a real shirt, but that’s like, “no duh” at this point.

I’m thinking in a weird way I might dig this? It reminds me of Rihanna for some reason and it’s so much better than when she’s draped in stinky cold meat.

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  • tippy-toes!
    I love the boots. She is meh, though. I’d like to see her in mum jeans and a baggy henley or fully clothed. The sh!te part is – that would be outrageous for her.

  • Her audience made her do it. She was accepted the way she is by some people and now she has to continue. Her spectators now have habit to see her like this and she mustn’t disappoint them.

    I just feel sorry for her because this picture clearly shows her in danger of losing her health. Can anything be more important in life than health?

    And how she walks in those shoes? Just keep center of gravity above the right spot. You can see the top of her body slightly pushed to the front.

  • She wears what she wants to wear. Damn, I wear what I want to wear too, and no one has the right to tell her or any other human being on this planet what to wear. It’s a free world, open your minds people and stop moaning!