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Ke$ha Needs to Take A Step Back

I think the idea of Ke$ha needing to reconsider her actions is an idea that occurs pretty frequently.  I mean, for a while there, I was under the impression that she might actually be a cool person, but I’m back.

OK magazine recently asked Ke$ha about who she would like to perform a duet with, and here’s what she had to say:

“Some of my favorite artists of all time are classic artists, and the list is long when it comes to dream duets. Anywhere from a Mick Jagger to a Prince to a David Bowie. But also I’d be as honoured to share a song with Rihanna as I’m honoured to share her stage during our concert tour.”

All right, I could maybe see Rihanna.  They are touring together, and it would make sense for a couple of popular lady singers to get together for a song.  But Mick Jagger, Ke$ha, really?  Just because you gave a little shout-out to him in one of your songs doesn’t mean he owes you anything.  And David Bowie?  I don’t think I can accurately or succinctly describe how dead inside a Ke$ha/Bowie song would make me or how much this girl does not deserve that.  I’m usually all for dreaming big, but come on now.

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  • Umm just because she wishes to do one with them, doesnt mean she will. It’s just a dream of hers… *shrug*

  • That’s why she called them DREAM duets. Because they are DREAMS. Trying to make something out of nothing, smh.

  • all of you people are so fucking negative. are you all rejects from a mental hospital or did the state finally cut off your happy pills? get jobs, losers.

  • I think a majority of people who lucked out on getting in the spotlight would love to share the stage with Bowie. It would be extremely ridiculous if someone like me said my dream was to do a duet with Bowie, but Ke$sha is well known right now and could possibly have an opportunity at some point. And after all, she did just say it was a dream.

  • Are you kidding me? Luckily the author has her picture posted because it is kinda obvious that this fat whore is just jealous that Ke$ha has the ability to make it in a market that caters to her personality. She is out there making horrible music, stupid club jumping girls absolutely love it and want to be her, she makes money. While this fat whore sits at home insulting people who she is not as good as.

    The question was who would be a “dream duet” with her. Not once did she say, or even imply, that Mick owed her a duet because she gave him a shout out in her song.

    So find yourself another cupcake, fatty.