Was I the Only One to Notice Lady Gaga’s Penis Shoes, or Just Did No One Care?

photo of lady gaga penis shoes pictures

Oh Gaga, how you slay me. And how you slip things past me, too. Did anyone see Lady Gaga‘s recent appearance on American Idol? Me either. Which is probably why I’m behind the ball on this one. But the above photos WERE brought to my attention, and I thought they were worthy of discussion.

I mean, penis shoes. Not magical shoes. Shoes with oh-so-very phallic heels. Are we loving them? Are we thinking they’re as stupid as I’m thinking they are? Am I the ONLY ONE who wants to vomit all over the place NOT because the heels of Gaga’s shoes look like penises (I do rather like penises – quite a bit, actually), but because they – like her – are so over the top that I want to just lay down and drool until she’s totally over?


  1. Done says:

    This post is the breaking point for me. I have known for years now that Evil Beet is just a rehash of other blogs’ (especially DListed) stories, but this is too much. DListed and other blogs reported on this days ago. If you’re going to continue to steal gimmicks and stories, posting them hours and days later as your own, you’re going to continue losing readers. At least this blog was decent when Beet was still posting.