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Liv Tyler’s Leaked Photos!!!

A photo of Liv Tyler

Man oh man, are these celebrities sure bad at taking private sexy pictures and having them end up on the Internet or what?  Well, you know how it is with these sorts of things – when it rains, it pours – and just after the Blake Lively mess, some raunchy Liv Tyler photos hit the scene, and let me tell you, they are some wild and crazy pictures!

Aww, I’m just joshin’ y’all!  I mean, not about the leaked pictures, because if you’ve got eyeballs, you can clearly see that there are some sexy pictures with this story, I’m just kidding about the raunch.  It turns out that both in the public eye and in private, Liv Tyler is one lovely, classy lady.

Also, one question, based solely on the photos:  Blake Lively or Liv Tyler?

Images courtesy of Starcasm

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  • I think Liv Tyler and Blake Lively would actually get along in real life together, however they are such alpha females that I don’t think their friends would ever let them hang out

  • omfg. i guess reese’s speech rang on deaf ears! i mean it’s really pretty incredible how dumb ppl can be! how hard is it to just crop your face out of a picture??

  • Liv hands down. Reese is backward and small minded. No one wants to hear your snide, petty, opinions on what you think is appropriate gender etiquette.

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