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Does Arnold Schwarzenegger Have a Harem of Hos, Too?

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It’s like Tiger 2.0 up in this bitch apparently, and mistresses from all over the country are coming out of a Schwarzenegger dong-haze in order to nail his cheating heart to the wall (which I find funny, since these same women didn’t give a rat’s fetid ass when they were boning him).

The latest? An actress from Little House on the Prairie by the name of Gigi Goyette. The very same Gigi Goyette who’s actually just lawyered up with Gloria Allred, so apparently there’s business to be had here, now, isn’t there.

Goyette claims that she and Arnold had a torrid affair extending through two decades, where oral sex was a favorite, and ‘weird’ sex was in vogue. According to Hollywood Life:

For those who have recently eaten, please do not read on. “I’d made love before, but never with anyone like Arnold,” Gigi said. “He was a perfect Adonis — he had the most amazing body I’d ever seen in my life!” I gave Arnold a massage, and then we had oral sex,” Gigi says of the then three years married actor. “Arnold explained that we couldn’t have full intercourse — just what he called outercourse.” And they say chivalry is dead!

The affair then continued on for several years, with Gigi even meeting Maria Shriver and her family on one trip to the super fun Fitness weekend. Maria and Arnold were drinking with a group in the bar and after Maria left Arnold commanded Gigi to go to her room. “Arnold took me in his arms and neither of us could deny our strong attraction. He stayed with me for an hour and we had the most amazing sex session. Then he went back to Maria,” she says. She does not, however, explain if this course was inny or outty.

Gigi also claims that there were a variety of other women involved, and throws a number like ’13’ out there, stating that Arnold had to have every hot woman he laid his eyes on.

I’m sorry. All of this infidel BS is just wrong, and Arnold has ALWAYS grossed me out anyway. ALWAYS. It’s just a shame that innocent people (like Maria Shriver) have to get wrapped up in this kind of trash, especially when they’re totally unassuming about it.

Ugh. Get yourself tested, girls.

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