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Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler is pregnant with her second child!

liv tyler

You don’t hear enough about Liv Tyler these days. She’s a lovely actress and seems like a lovely person, from what I’ve read of her, but she keeps a low profile – I imagine purposely. We do have a little bit of news, though: she’s pregnant with her second child!

From People:

The Leftovers actress is expecting a child, PEOPLE has confirmed.

Tyler, 37, is already mom to Milo, 9, her son with ex-husband Royston Langdon.

She is dating Dave Gardner, a British football agent and friend of David Beckham, who appeared with the soccer star in his documentary, David Beckham into the Unknown. The couple has been photographed out and about together over the past four months.

Cute! Also, it’s always jarring when I see a human named Milo, since that’s my dog’s name (but it is a very cute name). Congrats to Liv & Dave and yay babies!

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Did Liv Tyler Do Something to Her Face, Too?

photo of liv tyler hobbit premiere pictures
Did she? Didn’t she? I can’t even tell.

This is Liv Tyler at a ‘Hobbit’ premiere, and while the quality of the photo is admittedly not so awesome, there seems to be something distinctly different about her face, and similar to Olivia Munn and her sitch, I’m not quite sure what. Maybe nothing. Maybe it’s just that random photo that appears to be something when it’s really not. But honestly, I’d be all sorts of surprised if Liv did go under the knife or get tucked or sucked. She doesn’t really seem that way. I mean, the girl wore a full nightie in a set of “leaked” personal photos … I can’t imagine she’d do anything as crazy as f-cking with her face.

All I want to know is why everyone wants to look like Megan Fox these days. Yeah, Megan Fox is a goddess and all (when she’s not filling her epidermis with the by-products of sour milk and half-rotted rump roast), but where’s the diversity, guys? … No, really—where is it? Everywhere I look, I see Megan Fox (and Lindsay Lohan. Always Lindsay Lohan).

Stars Without Makeup: Liv Tyler, Again

photo of liv tyler no makeup pictures celebrities without makeup pic
You know, I don’t think there’s ever been an instance on this site where we’ve spoken ill of Liv Tyler. And for good reason! She’s just one of the cutest, most darling-est things ever. No, we’ve talked about her divorce and her parenting skills, her leaked photos, which were completely endearing, and even way back in 2009, when she tried to phone the cops over a crying toddler (in her defense, she was totally doing it with the child’s best interests at heart).

Yeah, Liv Tyler doesn’t do much lately, but when she does, we’ve got a lot of good to say about it because come on. It’s Liv Tyler. Hating or mocking Liv Tyler is akin to hating on or mocking a little baby or a fairy princess or a teddy bear or something. It just doesn’t happen.