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Meet The Situation’s Dad!

This is Frank Sorrentino. You might find his charming demeanor and touching way with words familiar – you should, because he passed those gifts right along to his son, The Situation.  As far as I can tell, here’s what happened:  The Situation’s dad was in a tight spot with money, he asked his surprisingly successful son for some help, and The Situation told him “go be like a regular fuckin’ Joe Blow and go on welfare.”  And then The Situation’s dad decided to make a website and a YouTube channel to talk mad shit about his son and his son’s friends.

So far, Frank has predicted that Italy will shun the heathens, revealed that in his pre-Shore days The Situation got a blow job from some lady at work and then tried to sue the company for sexual harassment, and called Ronnie a “fuckin’ fag” for crying over Sammi and Snooki a “4’11” piece of shit.”

The moral of the story is that the totally classless yet somehow entertaining apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.