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Get Ready to Say Goodbye to House

… Because it looks like the eighth season will be the last. For real this time. Here’s what the amazing Hugh Laurie had to say:

“The end of that season, right now looks like the end of the show. Well, that’s as far as they’ve got me for. I never thought this would last seven years, just two weeks I thought. I get tired of getting up at four in the morning. Some days are harder than others.”

What with Hugh’s waning interest and Robert Sean Leonard’s yearning for Broadway, it feels appropriate that this upcoming season is the end.  That way, Hugh can focus on making beautiful music, Olivia Wilde can focus on being hot, and the rest of the cast can follow their dreams.  It’s a win-win.

Also, I haven’t been able to watch anything past the first episode of this current season.  As much as it pains me to say, House just seems to have gone so far downhill since about midway through the sixth season or so.  Am I wrong, have magical things been happening that I’ve been missing? Because based on nothing but intuition and reviews, I feel like that little clip above has been the best moment of the season. Let me know what you guys think, ok?

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  • I hate to admit it, but you are right. This is like X Files, to not quit now would ruin the aggregate, beautiful whole. quit now and preserve dignity. I know the dream sequence stuff was weird, but I loved every second of it!!!!!!! I do think House has run its course. And there is no shame in that. I am going to buy the collection when it comes out a fully boxed set. But we fans need to let these folks move on.

    It was nearly unwatchable when Amber Tamblyn was frowning through this past season. And how many times are we, as an audience expected to believe that a Dean of Medicine wouldn’t fire a doctor who carries one case at a time, or who pulls the stuff House does?

    It’s time for an elegant goodbye. With more amazing Hugh Laurie talent……..and I love RSL, Lisa, the whole cast.

  • I’ve enjoyed the plots of this season as much as any other, but I don’t enjoy a “nice version” of House. Since he broke up with Cuddy/Cutty, whatever it is, it’s been better — and the plot twist with Thirteen! Awesome!

    But yeah. Kill it before it becomes irrelevant. Make the last season the best one ever. Really push the envelope.

  • That sad, but as much as I loved the first four seasons, liked the fifth, found the half of the sixth watchable, i literally forced myself to watch the sixth season till the end. The painful out-of-the-blue fanservise killed my respect for the show. I watched every promo of season 7 episodes, hoping I’ll find any of them interesing enough to watch the whole episode, but nothing like this happend. I love & adore the whole team, but it’s time for the show to end, for everybody’s sake, before the writers kill the rest of my amazing memories of House.

  • I haven’t been watching it as regularly as I used to, still it’s always sad when a great show ends. Sadly, I have to admit, this season really was the worst.

  • I agree; much as I love a weekly dose of Hugh, I feel the show has run it’s course. TV-wise, I’d love to see Hugh as the next Doctor on Doctor Who whenever Matt Smith steps down — if the Doctor gets any younger he’ll be in short trousers next.