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Would YOU Give Katherine Heigl Money To Make Her Movie?


Katherine Heigl is asking you for money. She’s looking to raise funds for her film Jenny’s Wedding, and she’s doing it via Indiegogo. Like Kickstarter, Indiegogo uses crowdfunding to help people reach their goals to fund their projects. Some celebs, like Zach Braff, have had success with this method. Others have failed. Melissa Joan Hart couldn’t raise enough money, nor could Zosia Mamet.

Here’s a video of Katherine Heigl explaining the project and why you should back it. Would you?


Help the Filmmakers of Katherine Heigl’s new movie “Jenny’s Wedding”! from Jenny’s Wedding on Vimeo.



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  • Think there is a difference though. The producers are asking for the money – not Heigl. She is just a cast member helping out with their appeal and is not producing it, or making it, like the others were. Big difference.

  • Not a fan but the question is what is her money in money out history with movies? I think she is profitable isn’t she?

  • i don’t like these type websites. nope. work hard, make your own way, and don’t stick your hand out when you’re already makin’ big bucks. perhaps i’d be more open to such websites if it wasn’t mostly blowhards with money using them. how ’bout she use some of that Judd Apatow money, huh? invest it herself in this new flick she believes in, that will no doubt be another piece of shit. rich studios back piece of shit movies all the time, so why not this one? because heigl’s no longer a hot commodity. she sure bit the hands that fed her. way to ATTEMPT to go around them, i suppose, but no way would i give a penny – fuck ’em all.