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Hope You Guys Are Excited for ‘Garden State 2’!

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Lots of people got their panties in a twist earlier this week when Zach Braff announced that he’d launched a Kickstarter campaign to earn the $2 million he needs to get his new film, I Wish I Was Here, off the ground. Sure, some studio probably would’ve bought that crap – the same people who put out indie shitfest (but totally one of my fav movies back in 2004) Garden Statebut no no no. He wants to produce the new one “without compromises”. Basically, no one’s gonna tell Zach Braff how many Shins songs he can or can not include on a soundtrack, OKAY?

Well, he’s done it! With over $2.1 million raised, the sequel you never knew you’d have to see is going to happen – all thanks to the working class pseudo-hipsters of the midwest. Or something.

zach braff

I can’t hate on Zach Braff’s Kickstarter. Sure, he’s rich and has Scrubs residuals/syndication money, but shit, why pay for something if you can get it for free? If I had a dime for every Kickstarter campaign I’d thought about theoretically launching in the past week, I’d be a millionaire! From money to buy one of those really fancy Keurig machines that are like, $250 to funds to travel around the world for a year without having to work, there’s nothing I don’t want in life. That’s totally the same thing, right?

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  • ( Hey, thanks for listening to our opinions about the color, this darker color is heaps better!)

  • In the 2007-2008 season, the one during which there was a writer’s strike and there were only eleven episodes, Zach Braff was paid $350,000 a show. That means that from those eleven episodes alone, he made $3,850,000. Holy crap. That is insane. To put this in perspective (if that’s even possible), the only other actor on TV making that kind of money was Charlie Sheen. Now consider that Zach Braff starred in 8 other seasons of that show. It is absolutely criminal that he would ask anyone for money to fund his movie. Unless he is a complete idiot with his finances, he probably has a room of money he can swim in like Scrooge McDuck. I really like Garden State and would have welcomed a followup, but now I can’t shake the feeling that Zach Braff is going to Hell.

  • Why do his lips always remind me of dick skin? His face bothers me. Go away, Zach.

  • He looks like a homicidal maniac and he is a terrible terrible actor. Who the heck would give this idiot money?