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Katherine Heigl

0Katherine Heigl doesn’t think she’s a bitch

katherine heigl

Katherine Heigl‘s career is all but dead in the water and hanging on by a thread, thanks to her new NBC drama, State of Affairs. She’s notorious for being a raging bitch – or, to put it more politely, “difficult” – which has done her no favours when it comes to remaining a working actress in Hollywood. So here’s a question: does she realize how awful she is?

From People:

The actress, who met with the press Sunday to promote her new NBC drama State of Affairs, found herself having to defend the perception that she’s not always a team player on TV and movie sets.

“I certainly don’t see myself as being difficult. I would never intend to be difficult,” the former Grey’s Anatomy star, 35, told reporters in Beverly Hills, California. “If I ever disappointed somebody, it was never intentional.”

Don’t you just love people who refuse to take responsibility for their actions? “I never intended” is basically the equivalent of “Sorry you feel that way”, i.e. you’re wrong and if you don’t like it, too bad. I don’t think anyone has the right to be an asshole, but the arrogance this woman has when she’s not even good at her job – meaning she’s a terrible actress – makes it even more unbelievable. Even Meryl Streep‘s not like that, and Meryl Streep is actually amazing.

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July 14, 2014 at 7:00 am by Jennifer
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3We’ve all betrayed Katherine Heigl and she’s mad about it

katheirne heigl

There was a time when Katherine Heigl‘s career couldn’t be stopped. She was getting roles left and right – even if they weren’t particularly good ones – and making lots of money. Then, things sorta dried up and everyone got tired of her. Hollywood turned its back, and she’s still pretty hurt by that.

From Radar Online (via Marie Claire UK):

“The thing that was my best friend for a long time suddenly turned on me,” the former Grey’s Anatomy said. “And I didn’t expect it. I was taken by surprise and angry at it for betraying me.”

Heigl said she “had a moment” where she seriously considered abandoning her acting career altogether for a decidedly less stressful existence.

“I was thinking I’d maybe open a knitting store, get my money out of retirement accounts and live off that, live off the land,” she told the magazine. “I had my moment where it all seemed so complicated and all I wanted to do was simplify.”

Heigl said one career misstep was an onslaught of fluff roles in romantic comedies that might have burnt out the audience, and dulled her edge.

“I had an amazing time … but maybe I hit it a little too hard,” the star of lighthearted laughers like 27 Dresses and Knocked Up said. “I couldn’t say, ‘No. I stopped challenging myself. It became a bit by rote and, as a creative person, that can wear you down.

“That was part of why I took that time off, to ask myself, “‘What do I want? What am I looking for?’ and shut down all the noise.”

The Emmy winner said her creative juices have been flowing since taking the new role, proudly admitting that “there’s a part of me that’s a Hollywood animal as well.”

Zzzz. If this woman does not stop fucking whining about everything, I swear to God. She’s begged for money to get her movies financed, she’s sued drugstores when that didn’t work, she’s complained about how broke she is and now she’s complaining that you all made her broke.

I mean, good for her for going on a creative soul-searching journey. She did finally book a new job, so she’ll get the cashflow going again in no time. Now she just has to work on not being so obnoxious, which is what killed her career in the first place!

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July 3, 2014 at 12:00 pm by Jennifer
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4Katherine Heigl got a new job!

katherine heigl

Financial times have been tough for Katherine Heigl lately – she’s been out begging left and right for financing on an independent film project, suing drug stores, complaining about how much money she doesn’t have… you know the drill. Well, things are taking a turn for the better, because ol’ KHeig (I know, not a thing) is headed back to TV!

From E! Online:

NBC announced Tuesday that Heigl will star and and executive produce a new CIA drama called State of Affairs. This marks the actress’ first TV project since leaving Grey’s Anatomy in 2010.

Described as Scandal meets The West Wing, the upcoming drama revolves around a CIA officer (Heigl), who becomes the president’s daily briefer. Heigl’s character (who’s name is TBA) will assume responsibility for targeting America’s most critical threats while navigating the unique lifestyle that comes with such a high-powered job. Damn, looks like Izzie Stevens has really stepped up her responsibilities in life!

Sounds… awful, but only because she’s the one starring in it.

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May 7, 2014 at 3:00 pm by Jennifer
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2Katherine Heigl is so broke, she’s suing a drugstore

katherine heigl

Katherine Heigl has been a bit low on money, as we all know, and apparently the bank account must REALLY be running dry and it’s time to resort to new measures to get the cash flow back up again, so she’s suing Duane Reade drugstores for $6 million. HAHA!

From The Wrap:

“Grey’s Anatomy” alum Heigl has filed a $6 million lawsuit against New York-based pharmacy chain Duane Reade, claiming that the company is illegally using her photo to for commercial gain.

According to the suit, filed in federal court in New York on Thursday, Duane Reade used a paparazzi shot of Heigl leaving a Duane Reade store and put the shot up on the company’s Facebook and Twitter accounts to “imply falsely that Plaintiff endorses Defendant.”

In one instance, the lawsuit alleges, Duane Reade posted a tweet of the photo with the message, “Love a quick #DuaneReade run? Even @KateHeigl can’t resist shopping #NYC’s favorite drugstore.”

Haha, WHAT? I can’t. So Duane Reade tweeted a picture of Katherine shopping in their stores and now they’re gaining from her? Sorry, but homegirl has a rather elevated idea of her influence. Knowing she goes to Duane Reade isn’t going to make me want to go there, to be honest – in fact, I’d probably be LESS likely to shop there (and truth be told, my apartment is closer to a Walgreen’s, anyway), so she needs to calm down.

This whole thing just screams desperation.

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April 10, 2014 at 1:30 pm by Jennifer
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2Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week

Chloe Sëvigny wore something cute! It's a belated Christmas miracle!

Chloë Sevigny wore something cute! It’s a belated Christmas miracle!

Here we are again, another round of Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week! Here’s what happened last week. Go through this week’s photos and pick your favorites for BEST, WORST, and WTF looks. And discuss whether or not Kate Hudson did something to her face.


February 28, 2014 at 12:30 pm by Catherine St. Ives

3Katherine Heigl Is Still Crying Poor Mouth

katherine heigl

Not very long ago, Katherine Heigl asked for your (financial) help to get her film, Jenny’s Wedding, off the ground. That was bad enough, because celebrities asking the public to fund a movie that they then would have to go pay to SEE is fucking stupid. However, now she’s taken it to the next level and is talking to the press all about how little money she’s made in the past several years and she has mouths to feed. Oh, brother.

From TMZ:

Katherine Heigl’s hit hard times … telling us she needs to hang onto every penny and is in NO position to donate cash to finish her new movie.

Here’s the thing … Hollywood hasn’t exactly been beating down Katherine’s door since she foolishly left “Grey’s Anatomy” and trash talked Judd Apatow’s movie — she even admits it in this clip.

So now she’s counting on a crowd funding campaign to raise $150,000 to complete her indie film “Jenny’s Wedding” — and makes it clear she won’t be pitching in because she just ain’t got it like that anymore.

So… she wants YOU to pay for HER movie that SHE won’t even donate money to. SMH… the audacity! Anyway, it’s a Katherine Heigl movie, which means it’ll tank anyway. How about ALL of us hang on to our pennies whether we can spare them or not?

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February 26, 2014 at 3:30 pm by Jennifer
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