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Awkward. Melissa Joan Hart Can’t Raise Enough Money For A Movie

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Melissa Joan Hart, our beloved Sabrina the teenaged witch and Clarissa, of explaining it all, shut down her kickstarter campaign due to disappointing funds. Very. Sadly she couldn’t raise enough money to back her own film, unlike that dickbag Zach Braff or the awesome cast of Veronica Mars. Even more awkwardly, the title of her hopeful film was called Darci’s Walk of Shame. More from The Huffington Post:

Hart’s crowdfunding effort hoped to raise $2 million for the project, but after about a month it had collected only $51,605 from a measly 315 supporters. The synopsis for “Darci” describes it as the story of what happens after “an impulsive act has Darci face enormous hurdles to get back to her sister’s wedding and avoid her family witness her first walk of shame.”

Hart must have known the project was a bit of a gamble, as her personal message to donors asked them “to do what Hollywood won’t, and that is to take a chance on me as the lead of a romantic comedy film.” The actress called the movie a “leap of faith” and promised it would remain similar to the same comedy she’s served up in “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch,” “Clarissa Explains It All,” the 1999 rom-com “Drive Me Crazy” and her current ABC Family series “Melissa & Joey,” which will return for a third season May 29.

The goal of the campaign, Hart said, was to help her land her first leading role since “Drive Me Crazy.”

This is my biggest fear if I ever did crowdfunding. This and inviting people to my wedding and seeing no one show up.

I guess people aren’t super into MJH anymore, even though she has a currently has a show on TV (Melissa & Joey) that seems to be doing well for being on ABC Family. Perhaps it has to do with some remarks she said a few years ago.

The Atlantic has some info on what she was offering and what she was looking for:

all she’s asking for is $2,000,000 in the next 43 days. Yes. $2,000,000. Seems… modest. And what are some of the prizes that you’ll receive should you donate? Oh, y’know, for $300 or more MJH will follow you on Twitter for an entire year! (This was offered by Kristen Bell and crew too.) For $5,000 or more? You get a costume worn by MJH in the movie. Meaning for $5,000 you get a low-budget movie starring Melissa Joan Hart and some old clothes. Terrific.

Oh man it’s just so awkward.

Would YOU be interested in seeing a feature film starring Melissa Joan Hart?

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  • i think i might watch it? just because i do love mjh and she is good a good actress – drive me crazy is an incredible movie and melissa and joey still makes me laugh – but i wouldn’t fund a kickstarter to see it. it’s the sort of thing i’d probably watch on the internet a few months after it came out, and then for free.

    but, i mean, homegirl was in that lifetime movie with mario lopez. it was p shitty because it was lifetime, but i watched it the whole way through and, though over the top and unbelievable as lifetime movies tend to be, it was good for what it was. the plot of this movie sounds like it could be a tv movie, though – maybe she should go the same route and pitch it to lifetime.

    or maybe she can start small again with the big screen and work her way back up to a leading film actress.