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Chris Brown’s Felony Charge Reduced To Misdemeanor

Chris Brown

Chris Brown is getting a big gift. His latest asshat move was assaulting a man in D.C., and Brown got arrested and charged with felony assault. But it’s being reduced to a misdemeanor. Why? TMZ has the details:

Brown was arrested for felony assault early Sunday morning in Washington D.C. after allegedly attacking a man outside a hotel and breaking his nose.

Brown allegedly got into an argument with a man, said “I’m not down with that gay shit, I’m into boxing,” and then punched him in the nose. [Oh, so you’re not for equality after all? How surprising.]


Sources tell TMZ … the reason the charges were reduced is because the injuries to the victim were minor, even though the victim told TMZ Brown broke his nose. Another reason — there were conflicting witness accounts of what happened.

And there’s even more great news for Brown and co.:

… Chris pled not guilty. Chris has just been released without bail. He’s also required to stay 100 yards away from the victim.

Chris had been ordered to take a drug test, but the judge just vacated that order. It’s standard in such cases to order a drug test, but that has been cancelled.

The bodyguard’s charge was also reduced to a misdemeanor.

Great. Fantastic.

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  • The problem with this is that it just reaffirms his self deluded belief that he has done nothing wrong – his behaviour is always soneone else fault. If someone actually made him take responsibility he might actually be able to grow up and change his ways. As it is, he’s surrounded by people who coddle him and he continues to be a complete fucking arsehole. My prediction? I honestly think a lot of his anger issues are to do with him being in the closet, and he self medicates with a lot of drugs and alcohol. He’ll be dead in three years, and will never be remembered for anything other than being a woman beater, aggressor and total arsehole – because no one around him is strong enough to do what he NEEDS them to do, as opposed to what he wants them to do.