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Kelly Osbourne Boorishly Rejects Lady Gaga’s Apology


Lady Gaga might be pretentious and weird as hell, but compared to Kelly Osbourne, she’s Grace Kelly. Gaga tried to extend a peace offering to Miss Osbourne and her mom Sharon; both are crazy-mad at her. So when Gaga performed on X Factor, she brought along a birthday cake and took a photo of it with mum Sharon, sharing the pic with a simple, “Happy Birthday Kelly.” She didn’t have to do any of this, by the way.

Kelly responded by flipping out in a series of tweets. Here’s the first:

Not to be ungrateful but why would you send me a birthday cake via my MOTHER in a country half the would away? #JustSendItToME #LoveNotWar

But she wasn’t done. She then put a photo of the cake on Instagram and added, “#EatMyShit #Hypocrisy” and tweeted it as well.

Guys, she STILL wasn’t done. Here are the rest of the tweets about the apology cake:


You are so far behind you think you are first!

I live for a #Cause not for the #Applause!!!!!!!

Guys, don’t hate me, it’s a guilty pleasure…like #SimplyRed!

I like desert [sic], but i prefer the truth… it’s sweeter

‘Let them eat cake’ #MarieAntoinette

Gaga responded simply with,

I didn’t know it was your B-day until this afternoon. Meant as a peace offering. Happy Birthday.

I mean come on, even if you don’t like Gaga, was Kelly Osbourne’s response not incredibly boorish and childlike? She tweeted that she was sad about Lou Reed’s death, so perhaps she was taking it out on Gaga. Who knows.

Kelly Osbourne turned 29 yesterday.

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  • Good on Kelly. Lady GaGa is so fake and insincere! She’s disgusting. How dare she attention whore Kelly’s birthday?!

  • @kimchee what the heck? Good on Kelly? She’s being an immature brat! If she didn’t like it, just DON’T tweet/say anything. How about being classy then. Kelly annoys me now.

  • Kelly’s always been an immature, spoiled, entitled brat. Remember that episode of Punk’d she was in years ago? The big prank was just hiring an image consultant to give her a “sexier look” and she flipped out on the guy. Started hitting him and everything… over fashion advice.
    When you start physically attacking a stranger because they’re giving you professional advice you don’t like, you’re a pretty scummy person.