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Kelly Osbourne “Is Dead To Guiliana Rancic”, Apparently

giuliana rancic kelly osbourne

Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Osbourne may have spent a fair few seasons on E!’s Fashion Police together, but that doesn’t mean they were friends. In fact, it’s actually the exact opposite: they hate each other’s guts. It’s so bad, apparently Kelly is now dead to Giuliana after this whole blow-up over the racist bullshit Giuliana pulled over Zendaya’s Oscars dress a few months ago.

From US Weekly:

Sources reveal in the new issue of Us Weekly that Giuliana Rancic believes her former friend and Fashion Police co-host Kelly Osbourne didn’t have her back after she made controversial on-air remarks about Disney star Zendaya Coleman — and she’s still fuming. Says an insider: “Kelly is dead to Giuliana.”

Well, I’m sure Kelly’s crying herself to sleep at night because Giuliana Rancic isn’t her friend anymore. Boo hoo.

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Kelly Osbourne will have ovaries removed like Angelina Jolie

kelly osbourne

Following Angelina Jolie‘s announcement that she’s undergone surgery to remove her ovaries due to a cancer gene – BRCA1 – which made it all but certain she would end up contracting the disease, Kelly Osbourne has revealed that she’ll be undergoing the procedure herself for the same reasons.

Here’s the scoop, via BBC Newsbeat:

The TV star and former fashion reporter was talking about Jolie’s decision to have preventative cancer surgery on CBS show The Talk.

The 30-year-old said: “I actually do have the cancer gene.”

Her mother, Sharon, also has the gene and had a double mastectomy in 2012. “My mom made all of us get tested. I agree with this 100%,” said Kelly.

“I know that one day I will eventually have to do it too because if I have children, I want to be there to bring them up.”

“I want to be there to support them in every way I can.”

“It’s something I applaud Angelina for because she’s bringing attention to this, and people are now going to go out and get tested for it.”

I think to many, undergoing precautionary surgery of this degree probably seems drastic or over-the-top, but I think it’s smart. The elevated risk of those with the genetic mutation is INSANE, and I’d much rather not have boobs or ovaries than to deal with cancer later on in life. But, as Angelina herself has pointed out in the several op-eds she’s written on the topic, the decision is an extremely personal one and certainly not an easy one, especially for women who want to start a family, etc. As I said, one day, I really hope that we’ll have a cure for cancer, but in the meantime, I think it’s worth it to do whatever we can to fight it ourselves.

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Kelly Osbourne quits E!’s Fashion Police

kelly osbourne

I haven’t really reported on all the bullshit going on over at E! headquarters lately, but no doubt you’ll have read all about it online by now. In case you did miss it, singer/actress Zendaya hit the Oscars red carpet last weekend looking absolutely beautiful in a long white Vivienne Westwood dress. Fashion Police co-host Giuliana Rancic didn’t really care about the dress, however – she cared about Zendaya’s dreadlocks, which she remarked during a live broadcast probably smelled “like patchouli oil or weed”. Yikes.


Obviously that’s racist as hell and absolutely fucking ridiculous, but Giuliana Rancic is lame as hell and seems to be lacking in the brain cell department, so I wasn’t really all that surprised that she would say something like that. She did eventually apologize, and Zendaya very VERY gracefully accepted her apology and posted a very eloquent statement on her Instagram, but the whole thing was a hot mess and Kelly Osbourne wanted to steer clear of the bullshit, partly because she didn’t want to be associated with such blatant and stupid discriminatory comments and also because Zendaya is actually her friend.

Anyhow, in a move that apparently has NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH THIS FIASCO, Kelly has quit Fashion Police and is moving on to bigger and better things, apparently.

Here’s the statement from E!:

“Kelly Osbourne is departing E!s Fashion Police to pursue other opportunities, and we would like to thank her for her many contributions to the series over the past five years, during which time the show became a hit with viewers,” E! Entertainment said in a statement Friday. “Fashion Police will return, as scheduled, on Monday, March 30, at 9 p.m. and no decisions have been made on her replacement.”

And from Melissa Rivers, who produces the show (and is of course the daughter of the late Joan Rivers, who Kelly was quite close to:

“Kelly Osbourne is a friend and has been a wonderful part of the Fashion Police family. I will miss her terribly and wish her the very best in all of her future endeavors. As my mother always said, the show must go on and I plan to continue in the same spirit.”

Oh man. Sure, this show is a disaster and things haven’t been the same since Joan passed, as many are pointing out, but something tells me this stunt was the final straw.

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Kelly Osbourne is heartbroken over the death of Joan Rivers

joan rivers kelly osbourne

The death of Joan Rivers has hit the entertainment world hard, but one of the fellow celebrities most affected by her passing is Kelly Osbourne, who has worked with Joan on E!’s Fashion Police for the past several years and grew close to the comedian both personally and professionally.

Here’s what Kelly wrote on her Facebook page after hearing the news:

I’m completely heartbroken by the loss of my beloved Joan. Not only was she my boss, she was and will always be my teacher, therapist, closest friend, inspiration and the only grandmother I ever knew. She was family and I will never forget her. Laughter will be difficult for a while but when I’m sad, lonely or upset all I will have to do is think of Joan and a smile will cross my face. Laughter is what she gave us and laughter is what she would want us to do in remembrance of her. Melissa and Cooper, my thoughts are with you and I love you both so much. Joan, thank you for taking me in and loving me as a daughter. I will miss you deeply and will always hear your voice in my head saying ‘my darling get out there and be you!’

Very sad and very unexpected. Hollywood will never be quite the same, that’s for sure!

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Kelly Osbourne’s Head Tattoo: Hell Yes Or God No?


Kelly Osbourne got a new tattoo…right on her lavender head. The tattoo reads “stories…” (above). She posted it on Instagram along with, “Thank you @dr_woo_ssc it’s magic what you can do! @shamrocksocialclub.”

Do YOU guys think this is magic? What do we think of this tattoo — is it a “hell, yes” or a “God, no”? It’s definitely a bold choice of placement, that’s for sure. So far, a lot of her comments from fans read something like “stupid”, “so stupid”, and my favorite, “Yr mother is going to kill you lol”.

Also, I gotta admit, her hair is starting to…grow on me. (YEEEEAAAAHHH!)

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Kelly Osbourne’s New Lavender Cut: Hell Yes Or God No?


Kelly Osbourne debuted a new look for her hair — a lavender fauxhawk (maybe even mohawk?) type of thing (above). I wonder what arch nemesis Paris Hilton thinks about it.

She showed off her new shorn lavender locks at the 21st Annual Race To Erase MS event. I like her dress but I gotta say…I’m not really down with this hair.

But what do you guys think: is Kelly Osbourne’s latest hair a hell, yes or a God, no?


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Kelly Osbourne and Paris Hilton are “feuding”

paris hilton

I feel like I’ve just been transported back to 2005, because Kelly Osbourne and Paris Hilton are fighting over some issue that sprung up at Coachella. Basically, Kelly apparently ignored Paris for some reason when she tried to join the VIP area, leading Paris to call her a “bitch” on Twitter. And so it goes…

From The Mirror:

“As far as Kelly is concerned, this is something out of nothing. Paris is being ridiculously sensitive and attention-seeking.

“Kelly was sitting with some mates, minding her own business, when Paris suddenly started bitching and moaning, and slagging her off.

“She was asked by someone else to join the group, but declined and swanned off. The pair didn’t speak for the rest of the weekend.”

As for what Kelly thinks of it – she’s on the same page as me:

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