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Kelly Osbourne and Fiancé Matthew Mosshart Called It Quits

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Damn. Kelly Osbourne doesn’t seem to have much luck when it comes to love. It seemed things were on the up and up when she announced last summer that she and rocker boyfriend Matthew Mosshart were engaged. Unfortunately, Kelly won’t be walking down the aisle with a man with longer hair than hers after all, as they’ve broken things off.

What happened? Well, who knows. All we do know is that it was “amicable” (yeah, okay) and that they still very much love each other and all of that. I’m not sure why couples that break up insist on trying to convince the world that they’re still great friends and care about one another. You broke up. It’s cool, guys.

Here’s what Kelly’s rep told US Weekly:

“Kelly Osbourne and Matthew Mosshart have decided to end their engagement,” says the rep in a statement.

“The split is amicable and the pair continue to have nothing but the utmost respect for one another. Kelly is looking forward to a new year full of fresh beginnings. No further comments will be provided by all parties and we request privacy, decorum and space from the press but don’t expect it.”

LOL, you request DECORUM from the press? HA. At least they admit that they don’t expect it, but it would be nice. Ah well, back to the drawing board. Hope Kelly’s okay – she’s had a rough few years!

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  • You summed up press coverage of celebrity break-ups quite well!!! Hysterical! Soooo predictable…we believe, really, we do, Kelly.

  • He’s not a musician or a ‘rocker’, hes actually a Chef. It was a good article though. And honestly I think its kind of sad that they have to ask for privacy and decorum from the press during a break up. That’s just common courtesy or so you would think.

  • Privacy, decorum and space? Since when do reality stars deserve that? Kelly Osbourne is only known due to nepotism, not talent for anything. MAYBE a step above the Kartrashian klan.

  • Hey, I’m all happy and all she’s doing great on Fashion Police. It’s a great show and all, and funnier than hell, and it’s the chemistry between all of them as well as Joan’s humor, which the older she gets gets better because she doesn’t give a damn about politically correct people like you, and CERTAINLY like Kelly Osbourne.

    But when you have a gestapo-like code of beliefs that your boyfriend MUST adhere to, (and you know they do!), then you get what you ask for: A gelded, effeminized (my word), wimpy dude. And guess what happens next? You resent him for being that way because he did what you told him to do (and you KNOW she/he did), and he resents YOU because he did what YOU told him to. Nuh uh. No thanks.

    Think about it, duckies….