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Chris Brown Is a Gay Rights Advocate Now

chris brown

Chris Brown is a total piece of shit. Yes, I feel that “news” is worth opening every article with, because it’s true and it’s something to keep in mind. His anger issues, homophobia, tendency to beat women, etc. make him the ultimate candidate for dickhead of our generation. But wait, he’s just misunderstood! Everyone keeps picking on him but really he’s such a nice guy and he really loves everyone – especially the same gay people that he consistently used to bash and the fact that up until he flipped the script and tried to endear himself to the world again (never going to happen), “gay” was a pejorative in his world. Fuck off, man.

That’s right, Chris Brown is a gay rights advocate now, and even tweeted his support for a petition aimed at Cameroon’s President Biya after a string of recent hate crimes in the country.

Listen, Chris Brown’s fans are stupid enough to follow him despite his idiocy, so hopefully this bullshit gesture will still have a positive effect. The truth is that regardless of how much I might hate him, he does have an impact with millions, and it could give this important cause more visibility and pull, so I’m all for that. I will, however, never be for Chris Brown. Way to exploit a marginalized group of people for your own gain, bro.

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  • Chris should just comeaut we oll know his a fag, We will love him for who he is, And when that day comes he will make a diffrence
    This rite here it a promo for thir album, But trying is better then doing nathing, If you have so much power in your heands.

  • “Stop the hate”??…Oh Chris, you are as transparent as a puddle of water. Trying to gain the gay following in a blatant attempt to redeem your dwindling popularity will not work, you are as full of hate as anyone I can think of.

  • Yr’ll can what yr wanna say pigs Chrisbwn is bullshit like yr’ll, and i dont speak english i speak yr mothers ass stupidfulls.