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Chris Brown Is Calling Drake Gay Now, I Guess

Chris Brown

I’d rather be gay than, well, most things – but definitely rather than being a total woman-beating shit stain, but apparently Chris Brown disagrees. Still mad that Drake got down Rihanna‘s pants ages ago, he decided to lash out at him in a remix of Young Jeezy’s ‘R.I.P’ – because the best way to prove you’re totally secure in your own manhood and not at all jealous that your girlfriend went elsewhere is to call that same dude – who also beat your ass once already –  gay. Of course.

Here’s some of Brown’s choice lyrics, which are not only poignant, but also deeply poetic:

“Dearly departed, I bought a plane I departed/ And if you started from the bottom, go on and come out the closet”

Well, okay. Considering that Drake is pretty shamelessly emo as hell, I doubt he’d have any problems coming out of the closet, if said closet existed – especially since fellow artists like Frank Ocean and Lil B have already set the precedent of acceptance in the hip hop community. Also, shut the fuck up, Chris. Seriously, just lock your lips up and throw away the key for good.

Feel free to listen to this utter garbage below (thanks, DramaLikeTheDJ):

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