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North West Makes Her Debut On Instagram

north west kim kardashian instagram photo

North West, Kim and Kanye‘s daughter, made her debut on Instagram today. Oh don’t worry, she didn’t get her own account, although that would be hilariously nauseating. No, Kim just posted a photo of her on her own account (@kimkardashian) all swaddled up (above). Man, physically that kid really is the perfect combo of both her parents, isn’t she? I bet she’s kicking it in a fur blanket sent by Lanvin or something.

So far the only photos we’ve seen of baby North have come directly from the Kardashian/Kanye empire. But I would be surprised if a huge People photospread didn’t happen anyway. They’re probably holding out for Vanity Fair. Good luck with that.

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  • I’m not going to snipe on a baby, but I’m very surprised that the photos are such poor quality. I thought at the very least, we’d get a newborn shot from a professional photog. Then, on second thought, my heart breaks for her because she is just so fucked as “the Kimye baby.”

  • i don’t get’s a baby. big deal, women have them everyday. the media has been acting like it’s the second coming of Christ…it’s ridiculous. she’s not ugly but her’s also isn’t any more cute or wonderful than anyone else’s….and it’s got a moustache.

  • I don’t understand why t he baby always looks so unhappy…, seriously, she’s not smiling. At three months we could get ours to smile for us if we were taking pics. Ok, maybe it was gas, whatever. And maybe I’m projecting, but that kid looks unhappy to me lol.