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Surprise! Kris Jenner’s Ratings Soared After North West Photos Appeared

kris jenner kanye west

Kris Jenner‘s talk show was sinking faster than the Titanic, so she had to pull out all the steps to try and save it. Enter Kanye West, who apparently turned down $4 million for the first pictures of his daughter with Kim Kardashian, North West, to debut them… on Kris. I can only imagine how much convincing that took, but whatever the case, she owes him BIG TIME, since that episode pretty much single-handedly saved her show from cancellation.

From Deadline:

Kris Jenner and Twentieth Television scored a big season finale ratings bump Friday when Kanye West made an appearance on Kris and debuted a photo of North West, his baby with Jenner’s daughter Kim Kardashian. The highly anticipated West interview episode notched a series-high 1.7 household rating and did particularly in LA and Dallas markets where it was #1 in its time period. But for the syndicated talk show’s entire six-week run on selected Fox stations, Kris didn’t make a splash and came out just about even (0.8 in HH metered markets) with last year’s time period and with its lead-in. On YouTube the show’s channel hit a high of 4.3M views in its final week, comprising over half of its 8.1M views to date.

Well, that’s nice. Too bad it was a one-time thing, because God knows what she’s going to try and pull out of the hat now to keep this shit show on air. Oh, and in case you forgot, here’s how cute North West is:

north west

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