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North West Is Getting All Kinds of Free Designer Shit

kim kanye

Kim Kardsahian and Kanye West are currently traipsing around France for Paris Fashion Week (that’s a thing, right?) and while they may have left their 3-month-old daughter, North, back in LA with roughly seven nannies (that’s a guess), she’s not far from their hearts because all the designers are lavishing the couple with free shit for the little girl.

Designers such as Celine, Givenchy and Lanvin sent over items from their latest collection, most of which are way too big for North and some of which look like they’re for boys (come on, Celine!), but whatever. Free shit for everyone! Kim posted pictures of the items on her Instagram page, as you do.

What’s funny to me is that celebrities are the ones with so much money that they don’t need a handout, and yet they’re the ones that get everything for free. It’s pretty stupid. Send me some designer stuff, designers! I’ll put it on eBay! I mean… I’ll treasure it deeply.

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  • It is kind of ridiculous that people with this kind of money would even accept free hand outs. Really tells me a lot about their character. But Nori is an innocent and can’t help it that her parents are douchebags. She will probably look cute in everything given to her unlike her parents who consistently look like fashion train wrecks.

  • I agree they don’t need it and the really stupid thing is Kanye won’t allow the baby to be photographed so no free pub for the idiot designers. Ya know what I love about this pic as well as others of these two Kanye won’t let her touch him no holding hands no taking his arm while walking on a brick side walk isn’t it sweet

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