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Lohan’s Dad Not Happy With Lohan’s “Stalkerish” Sister

ashley horn plastic surgery

Lindsay Lohan‘s half-sister, Ashley Horn, got $25,000 worth of plastic surgery to look like a younger Lindsay Lohan (above). I don’t think the surgeries make her look anything like Lohan. After the surgeries, Horn said, “I’m hotter than Lindsay! I have no problem saying that.” Well their dad Michael Lohan thinks there’s a problem.

From The Daily News:

“It’s nuts and sick and stalkerish,” Michael tells Confidenti@l, revealing that he no longer speaks to Horn. “What mother would let her 18-year-old daughter get surgery like that? And she’s hotter than Lindsay? Are you kidding me? Lindsay doesn’t need plastic surgery.”

It feels very weird to agree with Michael Lohan but the dude’s been nailing it lately. Of ex-wife/Lindsay’s mom Dina he said, “She has lived off Lindsay for 19 years. Do what every other divorced mom does and go to work.” Guy is ON it.

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  • “She has lived off Lindsay for 19 years.” Change that she to he and follow your own advise Michael Lohan and maybe your love child wouldn’t be following in the Lohan tradition. Give the girl a break, like you do your money bank first daughter, look who her blood parents “happen” to be and what else would you expect from her.

  • He’s nailing it? Really? First off, she’s 18 so she can do whatever she wants. If her mom supported her, so what? He denied paternity for years and now he feels free to give out parenting advice? Also, he wasn’t really fatherly in his response…he basically puts her down by saying that she’s unattractive when compared to the Cracken. He could have said that he was disappointed in his daughters decision to alter her appearance because she was beautiful to begin with.

    And guess what Michael? Lindsay has had plastic surgery and looks like a 45 year old street walker. I also don’t think Ashley had surgery to look more like Lindsay. She probably just wanted to fix a few things (even though she didn’t need to) and US Weekly (or whomever ran the story) just made that crap up and styled her to look like Lindsay when she attended the Liz and Dick premiere.