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Gaga Gives Us A Peek At Her Rocker Side With New Song

lady gaga manicure song swinefest

Well shit, this was bound to happen: I like Lady Gaga again. F-ck me, right? I like the direction she’s heading in. I like her new pared down look. I like her new face. (I liked her old one, too. And monsters, please. No one loses 30 pounds — not that I believe she gained that much in the first place — but no one loses 30 pounds and gets a brand new face. You don’t lose weight in your nose and gain weight in your lips.) And while I wasn’t thrilled with “Applause” — and neither were a lot of people — it’s growing on me. She’s been giving us sneak peeks at her upcoming live show for iTunes Festival (#Swinefest) and it sounds like her music is definitely heading in a more raw, rock direction. Her last rehearsal video clip she showed us was for “Swine” in which Gaga growled and banged away on drums. It bordered on parody, as does this latest clip for “MANiCURE.” But I like it anyway, so again, f-ck me. (I know our own Jennifer is not a fan, and I understand. I totally get why a lot of people are off Gaga’s disco stick at this point.)

WOW OKAY ANYWAY, take a look at the clip. The acoustics are pretty terrible. I’m guessing this was shot with an iPhone.