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Following Michael Douglas And Catherine, Clint Eastwood And Wife Separate

clint eastwood giraffe

Clint Eastwood and his wife, Dina Eastwood, have been married for 17 years. That’s a long-ass time. About a day after Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones came public with their separation, the Eastwoods announced theirs. Though this is coming out today, rumors suggest that they’ve actually been apart since 2011 and that this is just them making it legal. But they appear to be on good terms. Here’s more from Contact Music:

Clint Eastwood and his wife of 17 years, Dina, have separated. Dina Eastwood, nee Ruiz, made a statement on Thursday (29th August) confirming she and her husband were no longer together. Eastwood has only been married twice, but has had numerous relationships with other women. The 83-year-old actor has seven children including 16-year-old Morgan with Dina.

It should be noted that Mr. Eastwood has recently appeared on his wife’s much ignored reality show, Mrs. Eastwood & Company, which suggests that it’s an amicable separation.

This is Eastwood’s second marriage. His first was to a woman he married after 6 months; it didn’t last long. His last major relationship was with actress Sondra Locke. Though they never married, they lived together for fourteen years. And it was because they weren’t legally married that Eastwood got to screw her over — big time.

On April 10, 1989, while Locke was away directing the film Impulse, Eastwood ordered his staff to change the locks on their Bel-Air home, remove most of her possessions and place them in storage.[26] Locke filed a palimony suit against Eastwood, then sued him a second time for fraud, regarding a phony directing contract he set up for her in settlement of the first lawsuit.[27] In 1996, minutes before a jury was to render a verdict in Locke’s favor, Eastwood agreed to settle for an undisclosed amount. (Wikipedia)

He then blacklisted her from Hollywood. She hasn’t worked in decades. So congrats to Dina for the happy separation.

Note: The above photo is of Clint Eastwood with a giraffe. That is not his wife.

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  • Ya just don’t fuck with Clint. Damned shame that he went on his wife’s reality show – that was a low point for him. Not sure what Sandra Locke did to him to warrant such hatred from him but he is Clint Eastwood — and he’s a badass.