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Lady GaGa Does London Like a 12-Year-Old On Halloween, Is a Total Jerk

lady gaga london

Lady GaGa flew straight from the VMAs on Sunday over to London, where she talked with fans, had some fish and chips and walked around looking like a pre-teen on Halloween, dressed as a mermaid with the title of her album written on her palms. Remember when your parents used to shout at you for writing all over yourself all the time as a kid? Lady GaGa’s 27 and never grew out of it.

Anyway, she’s there because she’ll be opening the iTunes Festival on September 1st. If you don’t know what the iTunes Festival is, please Google it – it’s a fantastic month of free concerts, all of which are streamed in their entirety online, from some really great artists. It’s one of my favourite times of year!

But back to GaGa. I meant to post this yesterday and forgot – there’s this .gif of her after the VMAs being a total dick, and it’s hilarious and really, really obnoxious:

lady gaga

Holy shit, what?! Who does that? She literally goes for the handle and then thinks again, like, “Eh, I’m too good to do that, I’ll make these guys.” I’m sure one of you will point out that drivers always open doors, but it’s the fact that she wasn’t even thinking about that and was going to open her own door like a normal person before thinking she was above it. Why is she holding her body like that and why is she acting like the handle is on fire? SMH.

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  • Seriously ? I’m no Gaga fan, but how do you know that the driver just didn’t say ” wait ! Please let me help you the the door”.
    It’s funny that you say that you forgot to post this yesterday. I’ve been wondering how this site is ALWAYS behind other sites in posting gossip.

  • The reason she is saying Gaga is being a jerk is because if you look at the gif you can see her start to go for the door, stop and then clearly point at the door and ask the driver to open it.

    • I’m thinking probably because She has things written on her palms she doesn’t want to wipe off from opening the door? She goes for the handle with one finger before motioning for help. Just having things in my hands I know its a pain to open a door with one finger.

  • The gif is actually cute when you realize the car moves and she kind of panics for a second. She pulls back and awaits backup. lol it is surprisingly humble.

  • If you look closely she has fake nails on which means it’s difficult for her to open the door. I’m not a professional lip-reader but I’ve worked with a lot of disabled people and I’m pretty sure that she says “Could you get that, please?” to the man. Besides, those people aren’t paid to stand there and look pretty and any decent person would help open the door without getting, so why do you feel the need to bash her over something so trivial?

  • Nah, if this bitch was going to open it and the only thing stopping her from doing so was the movement of the vehicle, then she wouldn’t have gone to open it with one finger. Her nails don’t look too long. Not long enough to be unable to open a damn door. Either she’s a germaphobe or just a real big stuck up bitch. It’s one thing to go for the door before the paid help does and it’s another to actually stop mid act and refuse to open it and ask them to do it for you. She was already there she should have just continued to open it. The car moved but they way she went to grab it shows how disgusted she is with the fact that she had to open it or she’s a germaphobe. Those guys should have done it but she stil looks like a total bitch refusing to do it herself.

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