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Let’s Say Something Nice About Lady Gaga’s Applause Video

lady gaga applause music video

If Lady Gaga lives for the applause, then someone get her to an emergency room, STAT. “Applause” her latest single off of the upcoming ARTPOP, is flopping harder than a fish out of water and I don’t think her twitter fight with Perez Hilton is going to help. But will the video? Perhaps. Before the (non lyric) video hit, “Applause” dropped from an already dismal #4, to #6, to #freaking8, but as of this afternoon, she’s at #5.

The music video for “Applause” premiered this morning on Good Morning America and the big beautiful internet. At this point, I think so many people are going to automatically hate anything Gaga does, and I understand why they might. She’s been kind of insufferable lately. But guys, I don’t hate this video. There’s a lot going on and I wish she would refrain from throwing every single idea she has into one video, but I like the visuals, there’s no long intro, and she looks great.

What do you think of the video? More stills below.

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  • i don’t mind the song or video. i feel like i’ve heard it before, but i feel the same way about katy’s song, too.

    • I am craving a dark chocolate covered handmade marshmallow (like from the mall for $5 and totally out of this world) and a glass of extra extra dry champagne.

    • Wow, this marks the first time anyone has ever agreed with me. I want to honor you somehow. Thank you so much!

  • Sorry can’t say anything nice. It’s / she’s annoying and I am just straight up tired of her. Like you said CSI really don’t need to see everything all in one vid.

    • :( I really do wish she’d stop doing that with all of her videos. I got so annoyed with her and stopped watching when she made all of her videos 7+ minutes.

  • dont realy like the strange clothing and all that (same reason i dont like grace jones) but she made me apreciate her personality when she whent out of her way to make fans waiting to catch a glimp of her comfortable by have some hotel staff bringing them some food and drink and came out herself later to hand out autographs
    she doesnt seem to be a stuck up bitch at all and apreciate wat her fans do for her

    • There is so much wrong with this statement that I’m flummoxed! I will only comment on the part where Ronald disses Grace. Did you fry your brain on some street drug? Your plebeian mind hasn’t the capacity to truly appreciate the Warrior Goddess known to mortal man as Grace Jones. Fuckin imbecile….. Pikki, can I get an Amen?