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Oh God, Lady GaGa and Perez Hilton Are At War

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I know, I know – I can’t think of two shittier people to be battling it out in a public forum (Twitter, natch) myself, but Lady GaGa and Perez Hilton are who we get. Formerly BFFs – after all, Perez did pretty much MAKE GaGa’s career in the beginning – and now enemies, they took their drama to the Internet this past week, with shit culminating last night in what is the most ridiculous fight ever.

Here’s the deal: something (God knows what) made GaGa lash out at Perez on Twitter last week, where she revealed that while she was in her golden wheelchair recovering from hip surgery, I guess Perez texted her a picture of herself with Madonna pointing a gun at her Photoshopped in and the word “karma” across it. LOL! I mean, yeah, that’s pretty mean if it happened, but it’s also kind of hilarious. I’m not sure if that ever happened, but that started the Little Monsters off (not that it takes much) and it’s just gone from there.

Things seem to have settled down again until yesterday, when a “concerned fan” alerted GaGa to the fact that Perez was in her NYC apartment building… doing nothing. GaGa went bonkers – despite the fact that she was safely ensconced in LA – and begged the fan to take a picture before calling security and having Perez removed (or so she claimed). She then lashed out at Perez on Twitter again, accusing him of stalking her, and this set the Little Monsters into overdrive, with MANY of them (seriously, many – Perez retweeted a lot of this) threatening to kill him and, more disgustingly, his young son for daring to cross Mother Monster.

Lots of the tweets have been deleted, but I screencapped them on my iPad last night because I figured that was going to happen, so here’s some of GaGa and Perez’s shit:

lady gaga

perez hilton

Alright, let me just say this: Perez is a terrible human being who has made a “career” by being a leech to actual famous people and also by bullying and talking shit about celebrities, knowing his influence and going way too far with it. Being tongue-in-cheek and saying you don’t like stuff is one thing (I do it all the time here), but this asshole has gone way too far, way too many times, attacking people who were meant to be his “friends” for the sake of page views. Basically: fuuuuuuuuuuck this dude. That being said, death threats, especially against his kid, who has nothing to do with any of this bullshit, are awful and ridiculous, and he rightfully pointed out the fact that GaGa purports to be all anti-bullying but does nothing to discourage this kind of behaviour from her fans, who are just as psychotic as she is.

As for GaGa, homegirl needs to get off the drugs and maybe get some serious counseling because she has some definite personality and mood disorders. She’s off the wall, man. The Little Monsters will probably come after me for that, but whatever. Whatever happened to “stop the drama, start the music”? Seems the other way around, to be honest – but maybe that’s just because the music isn’t doing so well. Oops!

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  • I don’t buy the line that Perez Hilton (the narcissist who gives his son the same preposterously silly name) didn’t know that it was Lady Gaga’s apt building. He’s known her for years. He must know where her digs are.

    I think he just wanted to accelerate the shit storm.

    On the other hand, Gaga has got to discourage her fans from making death threats. Majorly uncool. Reflects very badly on her.

  • i’m pretty over Gaga and i’ve never cared for perez hilton but tbh having someone you’ve publicly fallen out with snooping around your apartment building and trying to rent a flat isn’t a coincidence. I think she is right to be concerned, and I don’t blame her for freaking out when she found out.

  • Long time reader, first time commenter. I agree that Perez Hilton has been a pretty big bully in his time as a gossip blogger, but I have to ask- if you feel so strongly about him, how is it that you also send readers to drunken stepfather, which in my opinion is bullying and mysogenistic to the same if not greater extent- for example, calling Kate Upton a fat pig, etc)? I haven’t read it much beyond what you have linked to, so maybe I’m missing some grand satire here, but I’m just curious as to what’s going on there.

    • Hi Rose,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. Our links to Drunken Stepfather are part of a traffic exchange program and I do not read nor do I endorse the material produced there. I understand some content produced on that site may not be for everyone, but we allow our readers to choose what to click on – it doesn’t represent my personal tastes or opinions in any way.

      • Let me get this right – your explanation is that you are only linking to a misogynistic site, the content of which you do not approve, in order to increase your own website traffic (and conversely income). That’s okay then!

  • the little monsters will come after you? oh sweetie… who are you in the first place? you’re not even the founding editor of this venomy z-list shitty blog! don’t think so high of yourself my dear… the only reason i’m commenting is because i find amusing your distaste for perez… you guys do the same shit as he does, with a big 30 million net-worth freaking difference… so keep on hating, the more venom the more entertaining!

  • These two are working together to keep their names out there everyday. They all work with Perez to stay in the publics ear and mind regardless of how lame they are or have become. Gaga is was and always will be just a dress up clown with minimal talent and that all she needs to be successful today.