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American Idol Keeps Keith Urban — Yay?

keith urban performing CMA festival

Keith Urban managed to avoid the great Idol wipeout of 2013. Fox is asking him to come back for another season of American Idol. Yay? Keith Urban seems boring as hell to me. Anyone watching the show care that he’s coming back? I’m sincerely asking, I’ve maybe seen 5 minutes of footage of him in my life.

The official report from People:

On Thursday, Fox chairman Kevin Reilly confirmed Urban’s return, and regarding other judges [ahem Ms. Lopez] said, “most of what you’ve heard and read about has merit.”

Mr. Urban also tweeted, “Thrilled to be back on @AmericanIdol with my pal @RyanSeacrest and dying to know who the other judges will be!!!!” Whoa there buddy, careful with those exclamation marks.

People is also very confident that Jennifer Lopez will return as a judge, after skipping last season. Let’s not forget that she and Seacrest had a “secret meeting“, so it must be totally true.

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  • Meh, I find him boring. There must be something the fuck wrong with him to be with that dick head Nicole

  • If you’re looking for drama…yes, you’re not going to get it with Keith. But he is, hands down, the most music knowledgeable judge they’ve had in a while….all genres. The man knows when, who and where a song was recorded or what influenced it, etc. He is the ONLY judge that really gave constructive criticism last year using KNOWLEDGE to back it up!

  • I really liked Keith, actually. I didn’t think I would because country music has no appeal to me at all. But as the above commenter said, he was knowledgeable and constructive in his criticisms. And he actually was very likeable and charismatic. Mariah and Nicki were shocking and Randy just looks bored.

    In a nutshell, it’s a good move. :-)