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Oprah Thinks Lindsay Lohan Is Worth $2 Million

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Oprah and her boring/guilty pleasure network, OWN, signed Lindsay Lohan for her own reality show (or “docuseries” to use their word) and an exclusive interview to air in 2014. According to The Daily News, Lohan didn’t exactly jump at the chance to work with Oprah — unless the money was good. Negotiations took “4 months” and ended with, “A deal that may have netted the “Mean Girls” actress $2 million.” Oh come on, now. COME ON.

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For $1,495,000 you can buy this lovely 3 bedroom home in Beverly Hills(ish). And with the money left over, you can buy a 2013 R8 Spyder Audi convertible. Throw Gaby Hoffmann some of that cash!

Be honest: are you going to watch? Love that one of our readers pointed out that 2014 is a long time from now in Lindsay time, so who knows what could happen by then. She might wind up in jail.

Oh and who wants to bet that Dina Lohan went on Dr. Phil for $300 and a bottle of Smirnoff?

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  • Time for Oprah to head to rehab cause she is most definitely on something or the Lohan’s have something on her. Don’t give a penny up front Oprah she won’t show if she gets paid in advance.