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Courtney Stodden And Her Boobs Spent A Lovely Night Out In Beverly Hills

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Courtney Stodden and her new boob shelf spent a lovely evening out in Beverly Hills last night. Of course her guardian husband, Some Dude From Lost, was faithfully and giddily by her side. Mr. Dude From Lost also made sure to flip off a paparazzo that you know they hired to be there.

Why do I write about Courtney Stodden, Modern Day Grace Kelly, so much? Why do I love her? I love her and write about her because she’s simple. She tries, really hard, without resorting to calling people ugly. She does her own weird Courtney Stodden thing, and doesn’t pretend she’s anything more than her image, unlike a certain Kardashian. I am fascinated by her.

So, please. Enjoy these photos. Be in the arms of this angel. May you find some comfort here.

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  • Ever since she got those bad boys, she’s been photographed holding onto them for dear life! Scared they’re going to run off, I guess.

  • i LOVE how you are digging her…cause exactly, she’s doing her and isn’t denying it like kk.

  • I’m a little shocked Ok I’m gob smacked by you not hatin on this chick. Maybe there is hope for you yet.

  • What is that? A jeep? With CLOTH? I don’t even get it, the only reason I could imagine this pairing is MAYBE if he had money…