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3Remember Gaby Hoffmann? She’s Broke

gaby hoffmann crystal fairy

Gaby Hoffmann was a popular child actor in the ’90s, with such hits as Sleepless In Seattle, Uncle Buck, and my personal favorite, Now And Then. Well it’s 2013 and guess what? She’s broke. Not as broke as Kelly Rutherford, Lena Headey (Game of Thrones), or Dionne Warwick. But considering how much she made when she was a kid and the occasional projects she gets here and there, she’s broke. So basically she makes what normal people make. Here’s what she said about the state of her finances, and I think it’s an interesting perspective. From The New York Times via USA Today:

I love Beyoncé. I do. But I was walking down the street and saw this huge billboard for the documentary she made about herself called, Life Is But a Dream. Underneath the billboard is this homeless guy, then there’s me with $2 in my bank account, and I’m thinking, Life is but a dream? I mean, I love you, B, but really?

Unlike Lena Headey though, who literally has (or had, hopefully it’s gotten better for her) less than $5.00 in her bank account, Hoffmann says $2.00 is an exaggeration, and it’s more like $4,000, which she’s grateful for, but points out that,

It’s just not that much if you don’t know where the next $4,000 is coming from. I have a teacher friend who gets nervous when there’s $200 in her account. But at least she knows that in a week, she’ll get another paycheck. I have no idea.

I completely sympathize with her, I do. She chose to live a non traditional life where she wouldn’t always have a reliable paycheck, and she accepts that. And really, I think she’s being humble. $4,000 total in her bank account is really effing low, considering (non celeb) commercial actors can make $10 – 20k per commercial. Did she share parents with Macaulay Culkin or something? What happened?

July 17, 2013 at 5:30 pm by Catherine St. Ives
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3 Responses to “Remember Gaby Hoffmann? She’s Broke”

  1. Anonymous says:

    $4000 is really low for someone who barely works? I work full time and $1000 after rent is a great month. And I’m ok.

  2. pikki nikki polka pants says:

    i still like her, but FUCK. THAT. i know a lot of hard workers who get down to the nitty gritty before receiving their next paycheck, like $50, $20, or negative amounts, and not due to irresponsibility, just LIVIN’. shut it, and get a serving job if the residuals aren’t coming in as quickly as you’d like. be proactive.

  3. koli says:

    Umm HELLO… she was also on Strike with kdunst… her best movie!!!!

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