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The X Factor Loses Britney; Gets Kelly Rowland And Paulina Rubio

kelly rowland performing

Britney Spears left The X Factor a while ago and we were all wondering who would replace her and by “we all” I mean, honestly no one really. Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato really wanted Lady Gaga. Instead, they got Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio. My, how far we’ve slipped.

I mean, really? Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubino? It could have been worse. We could have gotten Khloe Kardashian.

From TMZ:

Sources connected to FOX tell TMZ the pair are in final negotiations to join the show … with only minor details left to be hammered out before they sign on.

We’re told the deals will be done in the next few days, possibly as early as tomorrow.

I can’t remember who Paulina Rubio is. We didn’t even have a category for her on this site. And Kelly Rowland’s biggest news has been her disappearing and reappearing mole. Ms. Rowland was a judge on Britain’s X Factor and I’m guessing the producers and Mr. Cowell enjoyed her presence and was invited back. I don’t get the Paulina Rubio factor (haha pun intended). Is she more popular than I think she is?

Here’s a photo of her from 10 days ago.

paulina rubino

She seems fun?

Oh and none for you L.A. Reid.

LA reid x factor

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  • PAULINA RUBIO is a Mexican Singer, she is a star. She is the duaghter of an important actress and she has many albums in her career and perhaps because she has lived in spain and she is latina you don’t know her. She was couch in the mexican version of the voice and right now she is in telemundo as the couch for the voice version for kids.

  • Paulina Rubio is from the mexican version of NKOTB. Her band practically invented spanish pop. They were the first spanish-language pop mega stars. Her rivalry with Talia stems from those days. She’s also a mega successful solo artist in her own right. Hopefully her english won’t be too bad on camera.

  • I have seen her in Miami often- I think she lives here.
    She was actually very pleasant when I encountered her. I have met a lot of celebs and trust me not many are very nice.