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Demi Lovato Is Scouting Lady Gaga For ‘The X Factor’ USA Panel


There are two empty spots at the X Factor USA judges table after Britney Spears‘ swift departure at the end of season two and the “THANK GOD HE’S GONE!” exit of LA Reid, and of course those places need to be filled… but by who? The show hasn’t taken off in America the way Simon Cowell probably hoped it would, and like American Idol (which long ago wore out its welcome), the network relies on throwing a massive paycheck at the biggest stars possible in a hope of garnering a bigger audience. Simon is a fossil at this point and isn’t going anywhere and Demi Lovato is cute but let’s be honest – no one really cares much about her. What could put this sinking ship afloat again? Well, Demi thinks Lady GaGa just might save the day – even though she hasn’t been asked back herself just yet.

From Extra:

Demi told Renee she would “love” to return to X Factor if her schedule allows. “I’m focusing on my music this year, so it’s going to be a lot of touring, a lot of promoting of my album… but I would love to. Obviously, if they asked for me to come back, I’d say yes.”

With Britney Spears exiting the competition show, she would love to see another superstar take her place. “I would love to see Lady Gaga. I don’t know if that is possible or not,” she said.

Well, it could be technically possible – GaGa is about to undergo surgery for some chronic pain issues so she’ll have nothing better to do than sit around while she’s on the mend. However, imagine how absolutely insufferable The X Factor would be if you had to sit around watching her in a designer spider suit or whatever weird shit she says, advising wannabe superstars on, I don’t know, how to perform while painting a self-portrait with your toes while hanging from a flaming cross or whatever. One Lady GaGa is more than enough since one Madonna was – in her heyday, anyway – just the right amount.  I think I’ll pass on this one.

Anyway, check out Demi (with her rhinestone cast!) and some other stars at the Topshop LA opening party last night below.

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